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Get a Sneak Peek of the Winchesters' Supernatural Slumber Party

This new clip from "Supernatural" Episode 9.04, "Slumber Party," reminds us that some mistakes never go away. Can they maybe at least give us the weekend off?

See a Quick Promo for Supernatural Episode 9.04 - Slumber Party

Pack up your PJ's and a toothbrush because next week the Winchesters are hosting a "Slumber Party," and we're all invited! Here's a quick preview of what's in store for us in Episode 9.04.

Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 9.04 - Slumber Party

With next week being Halloween, all our favorite genre TV shows are getting in the spirit. On "Supernatural" the Winchesters are throwing a "Slumber Party," and the guest of honor is a returning Felicia Day! Here are several stills from the ep to whet your appetite.