Tiffany Shepis

The Devil Wants Women for Pies

Devils, pies, sorority girls, murder and Tiffany Shepis... Ah, it sounds like the ultimate fantasy for yours truly. But wait, this is a reality thanks to her new partnership (Nightmare Works SKG) with Rolfe Kanefsky and Esther Goodstein.

Nightmare Man & The Mist Signings

There's no doubt one of the standout films of last year's After Dark Horrorfest (DVD Box set review here) was Rolfe Kanefsky's entry Nightmare Man.

New Bryan Loves You Teaser!

Today we received word that yet more information has leaked around the top secret movie, Bryan Loves You, the story of death and murder at the hands of a fanatical cut.

Jack's in the Basement

Basements are scary places, especially in Florida. For whatever reason, a few contractors here in the sunshine state decided that it was a grand idea to install that feature into some apartment complexes. Yes, the idea of flooding thanks to being below sea level never dawned on these folks. Thanks to that brain fart you can occasionally find gators, leaches and various other nasty things down in the laundry room. Well, at least we don't have psychos down there.

Exclusive Images from Dark Reel!

Every now and the, an indie film will show up on our radar seemingly out of nowhere and catch us by surprise. In this day and age when so many filmmakers want to be followed from the moment their film is conceived till the moment it hits the big screen, it’s nearly unheard for a horror movie to get made without someone online knowing of it.

Exclusive: Thirsty Pics and News!

We first told you about the film adaption of the Joe Knetter story, Thirsty (story here) just a couple of weeks ago and holy shit do we have more for ya!

Bryan Makers Told to Stop

So the guys who made Bryan Loves You, the movie about a cult who took over a small town in Arizona that stars George Wendt and Tony Todd, must have either hit a nerve with a group of people or are tying to play it out like that for media purposes. Either way it’s a pretty smart tactic to get attention.

Horror Got You Thirsty?

We've all been there, man. Driving alone down the highway with billboards and bad radio being your only company. Then you see it ... its warm inviting glow beckoning you to make a pit-stop -- the late night convenience store!

Monsters Get Home Sick

Wow, remember Home Sick? The little indie film starring Tom Towles, Tiffany Shepis, and Bill Moseley that was made by some crazy kids from backwater Alabama, one of whom used to contribute to our old site quite a bit?

Nightmare Man (2006)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Blythe Metz, Tiffany Shepis, Jack Sway, Hanna Putnam, James Ferris, Luciano Szafir, Aaron Sherry, Richard Moll Written and Directed by Rolfe Kanesfsky