Ti West

Tour the Haunted Location of Ti West's The Innkeepers

One of the coolest things about making horror movies is that some of the more spooky locations for a film crew to shoot in end up being haunted. Such is the case with the setting Ti West has chosen for his latest film, The Innkeepers. Ready to take a look inside?

Another Photo From Ti West's The Innkeepers, Now With 100% More Orb

Horror fans seem to be fairly split on the work of Ti West, but after The House of the Devil, I'm looking forward to anything this guy does. That includes his upcoming haunted house flick The Innkeepers, which promises to bring the spooky.

First Images from Ti West's The Innkeepers

After a long bout of pre-production things are really cooking on Ti West's next project for Dark Sky Films, The Innkeepers, and we've got the first three stills from the shoot to haunt you through the evening!

Casting News on Ti West's The Innkeepers

It's been a while since we've gotten any sort of update on Ti West's upcoming The Innkeepers for Dark Sky Films, but now that this week marks the start of production, we have some solid casting news to share.

Ti West Talks Haunting in Georgia Exit

Last week we reported the unfortunate news that Lionsgate's companion piece to its hit The Haunting in Connecticut, titled The Haunting in Georgia, was going to start filming without the previously attached director Ti West. Now some light has been shed on the young talent's exit from the project.

The Haunting in Georgia Shooting This Summer Sans Director Ti West

Looks as if Lionsgate's Georgia-based companion piece to its hit spooker The Haunting in Connecticut is readying itself to begin lensing this summer, but not with the director who was previously attached.

Let's Have a Hand for the Latest Cabin Fever 2 Clip!

With the surprisingly okay despite its problems Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (review here) hitting DVD next Tuesday, it's only right to offer our readers a little bit of the red stuff to get you geared up!

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Noah Segan, Marc Senter, Alexi Wasser, Giuseppe Andrews, Rusty Kelley Directed by Ti West. Sort of. Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Buy Yourself Some Cool Frozen and House of the Devil Retro Posters

It seems like lately the more retro something is, the cooler it is. Maybe that's because things are really rough nowadays and hearkening back to what we perceive to be a simpler time brings us a few much needed smiles. Or maybe it's that at the very least movie posters were so much cooler back in the day before the era of floating heads.

Dark Sky's Innkeepers Next Project for Ti West

What a difference a week makes. On Monday we put up an interview with director Ti West in which it sounded like The Haunting in Georgia would be his next project, but today came the news that he's been tapped to helm a haunted hotel film entitled Innkeepers.

House of the Devil, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring AJ Bowen, Dee Wallace, Greta Gerwig, Jocelin Donahue, Mary B. McCann, Mary Woronov, Tom Noonan Directed by Ti West Distributed by Dark Sky Films

West, Ti (The House of the Devil, Cabin Fever 2)

Barely 29 years old, editor/writer/director Ti West has accomplished what many older directors can only dream about - having four featur

Ti West Talks House of the Devil, Cabin Fever 2, and More!

Barely 29 years old, editor/writer/director Ti West has accomplished what many older directors can only dream about - having four feature films under his belt. And more to come. His most recent credit is the period piece 1980s horror flick The House of the Devil, and he has been receiving the sort of accolades that those more seasoned directors can also only salivate over.

New Viral Ad: The House of the Devil -- Looking for a Babysitter

The good folks over at Dark Sky Films sure know how to flex their creative marketing! Keen-eyed readers of the Village Voice are sure to run across a very suspicious "Babysitter Wanted" ad! Does anyone out there have the guts to call the number and apply? We DARE you to!

New Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Stills to Get You Itchy

With the release of Ti West's controversial sequel to Eli Roth's debut feature, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, dropping next month onto home video, Lionsgate has released some stills to hopefully get you sweaty with anticipation.