Thomas Smith

R-Squared Films Acquires The Night Shift For Distribution

I'm sure we must have some night shift workers out there reading Dread Central. You know how sometimes you drag yourself into work feeling like a zombie? Well, the makers of The Night Shift know the feeling so well they've based an entire film around it.

Brand New Trailer For The Night Shift Brings on the Goods!

Fighting Owl Films has released a new trailer for their independent feature film The Night Shift which will be complete within the next two weeks and is already in consideration for screening in several national and international film festivals. Dig on it here!

Scream Until Morning with the Trailer Debut of The Night Shift

We've been telling you about Thomas Smith's horror comedy The Night Shift for quite some time now. Well, the time has come to stop talking and start seeing! That's right, kids! Time for another trailer debut!

One-Sheet Debut - The Night Shift

The indie film is like the blood that courses through the veins of the horror genre. Every big time horror personality started making little indie flicks (some of which have become classics) so that's why we pay them so much attention around these parts. You never know where the next Romero or Carpenter will come from. That being said, one flick we've been keeping an eye is is The Night Shift, and now that the movie has wrapped -- it's poster time!

That's a Wrap on Night Shift

At first I was ranting and raving because I thought this was a remake of the classic Ron Howard flick Night Shift, about two dudes who turn a morgue into a prostitution ring. It's not, thankfully, and so now I can report the news without bias.