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Lots of New Panzer 88 Eye Candy!

Okay, so who is ready to beat off some invading aliens? Um... anyone? Oh, not like that, you filthy pervert! I mean with firepower. You couldn't beat off using firepower. Well, I guess you could if you're really, really kinky! In any event... on tap right now are new goodies from Panzer 88.

We've Unearthed a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Dracula Season Finale Episode 1.10 - Let There Be Light

A new "Unearthed" video has come for the "Dracula" season finale, Episode 1.10, "Let There Be Light" (although it appears to have once had a different title); and you can hear what the cast and crew had to say about it right here.

Death Is Coming in Dracula Episode 1.10 - Let There Be Light; See the Preview and an Image Gallery

NBC's "Dracula" looks to have quite a grand finale in store for those who've stuck with it. If you're among them, here are a preview and over 3 dozen stills of the season (series?) ending Episode 1.10, "Let There Be Light."

Passions Collide in Dracula Episode 1.09 - Four Roses; See the Preview and Over a Dozen Images

Just two episodes remain for NBC's "Dracula," and things are definitely coming to a head, including a declaration of war! And possibly love? Check out several images from and a preview of Episode 1.09, "Four Roses."

Grayson and Renfield Square Off in this Clip from Dracula Episode 1.08 - Come to Die

Well, this is unexpected! Dracula and his right-hand man are most definitely at odds in this sneak peek of tonight's Episode 1.08, "Come to Die." Check it out and let us know if you'll be tuning in to see how they resolve their differences.

Dario Argento's Dracula Sucks Its Way Onto Home Video

Though the majority of Dario Argento's earlier films are more or less universally loved by horror fans, not even the biggest supporter of his work can deny that the Italian maestro has lost something along the way.

Learn More About Dracula's Dresden Triptych in this Behind-the-Scenes Video

Are you among the "Dracula" diehards who are sticking with the NBC series despite its dwindling ratings? If so, you'll want to check out this new behind-the-scenes chat with the creators to discover the lore of The Dresden Triptych.

Dracula Videos: Ep. 1.07 - Servant to Two Masters - Unearthed; Preview of Ep. 1.08 - Come to Die

"Dracula" returned from hiatus last night so now it's time to "unearth" the most recent episode, #1.07, "Servant to Two Masters," and get a sneak peek of next week's #1.08, "Come to Die."

Stills Gallery and Official Synopsis of Dracula Episode 1.08 - Come to Die

Finally we have some original TV programming back on the air, and "Dracula" is looking to turn things around in its final few episodes of the season. Will next week's Episode 1.08, "Come to Die," help its case? Here's an image gallery to give you a taste of what's coming.

Vlad Fights His Need to Feed in This Sneak Peek of Dracula Episode 1.07 - Servant to Two Masters

"Dracula" returns on Friday with Episode 1.07, "Servant to Two Masters," and in this sneak peek we see Grayson preparing to test his new machine while Professor Van Helsing has other concerns. Just four episodes remain... will we see The Order eradicated, or is Season 2 on its way?

Stills Gallery and Official Synopsis of Dracula Episode 1.07 - Servant to Two Masters

Things have been a bit quiet on the "Dracula" front lately, but with the series returning on January 3rd with Episode 1.07, "Servant to Two Masters," finally an official synopsis and several stills have arrived!

Dracula Videos: Ep. 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men - Unearthed; Preview of Ep. 1.07 - Servant to Two Masters

"Dracula" won't be home for the holidays; instead we have to wait until the new year for a new episode. So in the meantime let's "unearth" last night's Ep. 1.06, "Of Monsters and Men," and take a peek at the promo for January's Ep. 1.07, "Servant to Two Masters."

Mina Plays with Fire in this Sneak Peek of Dracula Episode 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men

With NBC airing two episodes of "Grimm" next week, tonight serves as a mid-season finale of sorts for "Dracula," and to help you get ready for it, we have a new clip from Episode 1.06, "Of Monsters and Men," in which Mina comes across something very perplexing.

Inject Your Friday with this New Clip from Dracula Episode 1.06 - Of Monsters and Men

If you've been watching NBC's "Dracula," you know all our main character wants is to walk in the sun. Will he ever be able to? This clip from Episode 1.06, "Of Monsters and Men," shows the first step: Grayson injecting himself with Van Helsing's experimental sunlight serum to throw The Order off his trail.

Amer Filmmakers Honor Dario Argento with Excellent Tribute Video

As we collectively await the release of Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's (Amer) latest Giallo-inspired throwback, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears (review), the Argento-loving pair are celebrating this weekend's overseas release of Dracula 3D in style...