They Live

Mondo Artist Mike Mitchell Profiles Some Genre Greats

If you're anything like us, then you appreciate the artwork that the Austin, Texas-based company Mondo has brought to the world. The word "beautiful" simply does not cut it sometimes. New has come regarding their next gallery show for artist Mike Mitchell, and we have some samples. Dig it!

Official Specs for Scream Factory's They Live Release

I for one cannot wait to throw away my crappy They Live DVD in its crappy cardboard case. Scream Factory has announced the supplemental material for its new release of the flick, and as per usual we have a winner!

Official Scream Factory Announcement: John Carpenter's They Live

The wonderful folks over at the Scream Factory just sent over all of the details for their stellar upcoming home video release of the John Carpenter classic They Live, and we've got all the info right here and then some!

They Live, Pet Sematary, The Devil’s Advocate, Arachnophobia, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and More Blu-ray Release Dates

Scream Factory has set a release date for They Live on Blu-ray. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein will also meet Blu-ray very soon. As will three Stephen King movies and much more!

The Scream Factory Readying a Two-Disc Blu-ray and DVD Release of Halloween II

The amount of joy coursing through the Dread Central offices right now is nothing short of electric. Why, you ask? Because of The Scream Factory and what they're planning to do with their upcoming release of Halloween II.

Best News of the Day - The Shout! Factory Gets Even Scarier!

Words alone cannot express the overwhelming feeling of joy we have inside at this moment. If you thought the Shout! Factory was a great friend to the horror genre before ... brother, you ain't seen nothing yet! The Scream Factory is OFFICIALLY on its way!

More Drool Worthy Mondo One-Sheets

Oh, Mondo Tees. You make our wallets literally ache. With Texas Frightmare Weekend in full swing, the purveyors of fine genre artwork have some new goodies on display and available at the show. As per usual the rest of us are green with jealousy.

Texas Frightmare Weekend Haunts Dallas May 4-6, 2012

The time has come, ghouls and girls, for the best con in the great state of Texas. The Texas Frightmare Weekend is now upon us! Starting tomorrow evening, May 4th, the festivities begin at the Hyatt Regency DFW at the DFW Airport.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview: John Carpenter Discusses They Live, Independent Filmmaking vs. the Studio System, The Ward and More

In the first installment of our exclusive Indie Horror Month interview with the legendary John Carpenter, we left off with the Master of Horror discussing the backlash he experienced after his 1982 horror/sci-fi thriller The Thing and what kind of sequel he would have liked to have seen.

Matt Reeves Bringing More to They Live-like 8 O'Clock in the Morning

So the question beckons ... if two different movies are based upon the same short story, does that make the latest telling of said story a remake or another beast entirely? Kind of makes your head hurt, no?

NYCC 2010: More Info from The Thing Panel & a Bit About the They Live Remake

Heather B. has reported in with more info on what went down at the New York Comic Con relating to The Thing prequel after chatting a bit with director Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.; producers Eric Newman and Marc Abraham; and stars Ulrich Thomsen, Eric Christian Olsen, and Joel Edgerton. Mary Elizabeth Winstead didn't attend as she was off getting married instead (the nerve!).

Dread Central's Final Girls: Meg Foster

When you think of final girls of the 80s, veteran actress Meg Foster may not immediately come to mind. But Foster, who was in both John Carpenter’s They Live and The Stepfather 2, is anything but your typical final girl.

They Live Remake Official

Aw, goddamnit. That was the first thought that passed through my head when I read the headline on THR this morning that John Carpenter’s classic alien conspiracy film, They Live, is going to be remade. Universal and Strike Entertainment are in negotiations with rights holder Les Moughs to acquire the film rights.

Blu Carpenter for the UK

We can only hope someone Stateside will pick up on this idea sooner rather than later ... DVD Active learned today that Optimum Releasing is putting out Blu-Ray versions of John Carpenter’s The Fog, They Live and Escape From New York in the UK.