Bugging Out: 5 of the Greatest Killer Bug Flicks

Killer bug and insect invasion films are some of the most challenging to really nail in a memorable manner. I honestly believe that’s why so few directors and production companies will even entertain the idea of approaching the critters.

Warner Bros. Announces THEM! For Blu-ray

Words cannot describe how excited I personally am about the following tidbit of news! The truly frightening 1954 classic giant ant flick THEM! is coming home to Blu-ray, and even though details are scarce, the news alone is like getting a ticket to horror movie heaven!

Rest in Peace: James Arness

He may have been known to the masses as Marshal Matt Dillon from "Gunsmoke", but to horror fans he'll always be "The Thing from Another World". Sadly, the world lost another legend today as James Arness has passed away at the ripe old age of 88.

RIP: Fess Parker

The horror genre has been good to a lot of actors over the years, going so far as to launch quite a few careers. Horror fans are amongst the most passionate out there, and we always champion our own even if they spent just a movie or two dabbling with what we love best.