The WTF Friday Video of the Week

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Human Centipede - The Musical

We're not quite sure how in the world most of them actually sing given the ass-to-mouth nature of the cult phenomenon known as The Human Centipede, but damn it, it's not stopping anyone from trying! In this edition of the WTF Friday Video of the Week, we're happy to bring you Human Centipede: The Musical.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Nobody's Fool!

Words kind of fail us this week as we bring to you yet another WTF Friday video. If you've never heard the name Dwight David Honeycutt before, we can assure you that after viewing this video, you're not likely to forget it.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Attack of the Masturbating Zombies

This week's WTF video isn't so much a WTF for its content as it is for the controversy it caused. A 1989 "Saturday Night Live" sketch written by Conan O'Brien called "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies" prompted several sponsors to pull out of the show, leading to the skit being banned from all future SNL rebroadcasts since.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Dog Police

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a channel called MTV that actually ran music videos 24 hours a day. Hard as it may be to believe, there used to be a time when Music Video Television actually ran music videos and not just TV shows about skanks and idiots.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Paranormal Edition

Around these parts we're huge paranormal buffs. There's nothing better than witnessing something insane that no matter how hard you try you simply cannot explain. So without further ado we've assembled a few clips that we hope will send some chills down your spine this weekend!

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Predator - The Musical

Sometimes a little music can make anything better. Not that there was anything wrong with the original Predator in the first place, but the soothing sounds of Schwarzenegger really help put this one over the top and into the choppah.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Jackie Chan Whips Ass as Chun Li

In honor of the release of Capcom's latest fighting gamer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 we have a WTF Friday Video of the Week with some added video game flavor.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Valentine's Day Tag Team Edition!

Warning: This special tag team Valentine's edition of The WTF Friday Video of the Week may prove too disturbing for sensitive viewers.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Spock Sings the Praises of Bilbo

Leonard Nimoy is no stranger to fandom. Legions of "Star Trek" lovers gather frequently to worship at the ever-so-logical altar of Spock. Have you ever wondered whose altar Spock worships at? Well, thanks to our recurring WTF Friday Video of the Week segment, you're about to find out!

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave

This week's WTF Friday Video is a clip from a Hong Kong movie from back in the days when Hong Kong movies were truly the masters of WTF. Kung fu, Dracula, evil Chinese wizards, hopping ghosts, laser shooting book pages, exploding garlic, and more mayhem all in one three-minute scene.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Lurch Will Kick Your Ass

A few years before playing "Lurch" in the big screen Addams Family films, Carel Struycken appeared as an unstoppable henchman in an obscure (with good reason) martial arts movie titled Night of the Kickfighters. This casting would lead to one of the most laughably bad fight scenes ever put to film.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Spider With a Human Face!

Even the title alone is enough to induce nightmares in many so what better way to kick off 2011 than with a video that will have you shivering, frightened, and disgusted all at the same time?

The WTF Friday Video of the Week - Clownly Clown Clown

You want a WTF Friday video? Who better to deliver it than one of the single most WTF people working in the industry today ... Crispin Hellion Glover. Seriously, no matter how many times we watch this video, it just gets stranger and stranger. It's almost disheartening in some weird way. Not to mention that fact that we can't get that fucking song out of our heads now.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Christmastime is Krampustime

With Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale just opening in American theaters and an evil St. Nicholas terrorizing theaters in the Netherlands, now is a good time to give some love to Santa's monstrous Eastern European punisher of naughty children, Krampus.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: The 2010 Feud of the Year!

There are lots of things we really dig other than horror around the Dread Central offices. As long as it's bizarre in some fashion, we're all in. One thing we have a passion for is wrestling that's not of the PG-rated WWE brand or the old folks home known as TNA. Give us Dragon Gate, New Japan, Ring of Honor, and of course Luche Libre any day! Speaking of which ...