The Wolfman

Film Adaptation Planned for Nicholas Pekearo's Posthumously Published The Wolfman

Exactly seven years ago, NYC auxiliary police officer Nicholas Pekearo and his partner, Yevgeniy Marshalik, were shot and killed in the line of duty. At the time Pekearo was just getting his footing as a novelist, and now his posthumously published The Wolfman is heading to the big screen.

Daniel Knauf Ready to Unleash The Wolfman on NBC; First Word on New Telenovela Project

It's taken a few episodes to find its footing, but Daniel Knauf's recent spin on "Dracula" has finally come into its own, making for some great TV with a classic character. Universal is obviously pleased as well because they're ready to let Knauf sink his claws into another of their iconic characters.

Dread Central's Regrets, Reviews, and Regards - Sometimes We Suck

We admit it. We're not always right. In fact, like everyone else sometimes we miss the mark by a mile. Still, one man's trash is another's treasure, and in that spirit we'd like to take this time to poke a little fun at ourselves and look back at some of the reviews we get no end of shit for.

Pencil in a Date for Jaws on Blu-ray and a Classic Universal Monsters Blu-ray Box Set!

Words alone cannot fully express to you how long I've been hoping to write this news story. If there's one thing that Blu-ray has been missing, it's a nearly thirty-foot aquatic eating machine with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Oh,mand some classic monster movies. Looks like all that is about to change.

Universal Chief Ron Meyer Has Some Choice Words for The Wolfman and More!

Sometimes movies get made that just don't live up to expectations. No matter how you slice it, a lame duck is nothing more than that ... a lame friggin' duck. Or in this case a lame wolf. Read on for some amusing insight.

Universal's Untitled Werewolf Thriller Starts Rolling!

Even though it's yet to be given an official title, though we kind of like Untitled Werewolf Thriller, Universal's follow-up to its dud of a wolfman flick, 2010's The Wolfman, is already beginning to snarl!

Universal's New Werewolf Casts a Steven and a Stephen

We’ve been following the progress of Universal Home Entertainment’s new Wolfman/Werewolf sequel/reboot since it was announced this past summer. It appears we can now report that casting has begun, and a shooting date is imminent.

Japan Unleashes its Own Monster Squad with Kaibutsu-Kun

Oh, Japan. We love your resiliency in the face of tragedy. We love your strange fascination with tentacles, and most of all we love your nothing short of outrageous films. Yet another monster-filled tale is on its way from the Far East, and we've got your first look at Kaibutsu-Kun right here!

Plot Details for Universal's Werewolf Surface

The first details concerning Universal's sort of follow-up to the disaster that was their recent Wolfman reimagining, Louis Morneau's Werewolf, are here. Read on for the details.

Universal's Non-Wolfman Sequel Werewolf Gets a Batty Director

So Universal planned a sequel to The Wolfman until the expensive remake didn’t exactly light the world on fire. Then word came that the sequel script was being reworked into a stand-alone movie tentatively titled Werewolf. Now we know who will step in for Joe Johnston for this non-sequel sorta reboot.

Dread Central Salutes The 2011 Saturn Award Winners!

If you follow the horror genre at all, then you know that winning a Saturn Award is akin to taking home Oscar gold (since horror is generally overlooked by the Academy Awards, this year notwithstanding), and the prestige of taking home that golden symbol of all that is great about our beloved genre is an achievement that is definitely worth celebrating.

2011 Saturn Award Winners Announced

The 37th Annual Saturn Awards show is history, and we've got all the details on the winners and more! Read on for the gory details, and big time congratulations to everyone who took home that precious, precious gold!

The Wolfman Transforms into the Werewolf for Universal

A while back we reported on Universal Home Entertainment enlisting Michael Tabb to write a sequel to their awkward reboot, The Wolfman. However, it now looks like the studio maybe taking an altogether different approach.

Horror at the Oscars - Part Three

Tremors? Nightbreed? Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat? 976-EVIL? Are all on the list this year. And though there were not huge horror wins in sound editing through screenplays, the Technical Awards never cease to bring out the horror veterans.

The Wolfman to Howl Again for Universal

The last time Universal tried rebooting The Wolfman, the film turned out to be more of a whimper than a howl. Still, you can't keep a good ghoul down, and that's not stopping the mighty studio from trying to reboot the franchise yet again. That's right ... again.