The Wicker Tree

Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Robin Hardy on The Wicker Tree, Completing his Trilogy and More

It has been almost forty years now since writer/director Robin Hardy first mystified audiences with his uber-eccentric cult classic The Wicker Man, and now the UK filmmaker is back with his companion tale, the darkly comedic The Wicker Tree.

Celebrate The Wicker Tree on UK DVD and Blu-ray with a Special Evening with the Director

While the critical reception for The Wicker Tree, director Robin Hardy’s latest foray into the occult, has been moderately lukewarm, if you're a fan of his classic The Wicker Man and live anywhere near London, you'll find this news impossible to ignore!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The Divide, The Wicker Tree, and Mother's Day in the Anchor Bay Three-Way Blu-ray Contest!

Anchor Bay is heading into spring with some really big guns aimed at us in terms of their horror releases. Each week starting right now they're dropping bombs like The Divide, The Wicker Tree, and Mother's Day, and we're giving em all away in a Blu-ray bundle!

See Christopher Lee Talk About Working With Robin Hardy on The Wicker Tree DVD

No, I haven't heard much good about The Wicker Tree, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to see it, asap! And while the Blu-ray/DVD release is just around the corner, we've got a little snippet from the supplemental material to tide you over.

New Clips Fashioned from The Wicker Tree

We're almost there, kids! The release of The Wicker Tree (review here) is right around the corner and we've got a trippy new clip and even a making-of for you right here.

Home Video Trailer Premiere Now Online for The Wicker Tree

Grab your phallic symbols, kids! The official home video trailer for The Wicker Tree (review here) is here, and even though it looks damned good, we still kinda miss Nicolas Cage and his eyeful of bees.

Make a Date with The Wicker Tree

Ah yes, kids! It will soon be time to stroke the old maypole again at home with the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Wicker Tree (review here), and we've got all the details you need right here.

New Wicker Tree Clip Explores Religion; Nicolas Cage Wants to Haunt Japan in Wicker Man Sequel

It's Friday! You know what that means? Time for a double shot of Wicker-based madness! First up, the great Christopher Lee in the latest clip from the upcoming film The Wicker Tree and then... well, then we have some chicken fried gold for ya!

Two New Clips from The Wicker Tree Help Raise Your Maypole

We're getting closer to the release of the highly anticipated flick The Wicker Tree, and to further help flare up your burning sensation, we've got two new clips for you. Soothing the itch afterward is your own responsibility.

New Wicker Tree Stills Burn Their Way Online

And finally, looking to cap off the busiest news day of 2012 (thus far), several new stills from the highly anticipated flick The Wicker Tree are here, and they're smoking hot. Well, not literally; you won't get burned or anything for just looking at them.

Official Trailer Debut - The Wicker Tree

Just days after we premiered the official one-sheet, the official trailer for Anchor Bay's The Wicker Tree had made its way online. Grab your phallic symbols, kids! This one looks like a lot of strange fun!

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut: The Wicker Tree

The perverse lunacy of Robin Hardy's classic film The Wicker Man has left a lasting impression on both horror and general film fans alike. To say it was unforgettable is a bit of an understatement. Now, decades later, Hardy is back with a companion film, and we're incredibly honored to debut the official one-sheet for The Wicker Tree.

2011 Grimm Up North Film Festival: Official Fest Quad Poster Unveiled

Just a few days ago the full lineup of films for the 2011 Grimm Up North Festival was revealed, and now we have the fest's official quad poster to share. The third annual Grimmfest runs this October 6th-9th at the AMC Cinemas in the Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate.

Event Report: Film4 FrightFest 2011

As the holiest range of dates in the British horror fanatic’s calendar now consigns itself to history, so too do the memories of this year’s Film4 FrightFest (Thursday 25 August to Monday 29 August). As usual, Dread Central was on the scene to bring you insight into the machinations of the UK’s biggest horror film festival. Read on for the details and a sample of our huge forthcoming image gallery!