The Walking Dead

First Full Scenes from The Walking Dead Premiering at NY Comic Con; New Sizzle Reel Debuts Today

Today AMC announced details of "The Walking Dead" panel event taking place at the New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 10, featuring a first look at full scenes from the upcoming series. Additionally they've released a brand new behind-the-scenes sizzle reel that of course we have for you right here!

Official One-Sheet - The Walking Dead

An official one-sheet has reared its head for AMC's "The Walking Dead", and we've got it right here - cold and twitching!

Another Walking Dead TV Spot to Kick Off Your Weekend

A fifth teaser trailer has reared its head for AMC's "The Walking Dead", and we've got it right here - cold off the slab for you!

Colorful New Zombie Image - The Walking Dead

This week's "Fall Television Preview" of Entertainment Weekly yielded yet another image from the upcoming television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's (shame on EW for having him listed as Kirkland) The Walking Dead, so we broke out the old scanner and got the goods for you right here.

Fourth Teaser Trailer for The Walking Dead

A fourth teaser trailer has reared its head for AMC's "The Walking Dead", and we've got it right here - cold off the slab for you!

Three New Teaser Trailers for AMC's The Walking Dead

What do a deserted hallway, a darkened stairwell, and a devastated gas station have in common? Aside from their apocalyptic portents, they're the settings for three new trailers for AMC's "The Walking Dead" that have begun airing on the network this Labor Day weekend.

The Walking Dead Season 2? Not Yet, According to Darabont

Just a tiny tidbit of news surrounding the upcoming, highly anticipated TV show called "The Walking Dead" and whether or not you can expect that oft-rumored second season to roll before cameras in early 2011. Aint It Cool News tells us that AMC has yet to greenlight a second season of the zombie apocalypse series. “Shooting in February? As tired as I am right now getting season one through post, I'd rather shoot myself,” showrunner Frank Darabont told AICN.

Thomas Jane Petitioning to Become One of The Walking Dead?

Director Frank Darabont and actor Thomas Jane have a long history together. One that Jane wants to continue while inhabiting a wasteland filled with shambling flesh-eaters. Ah yes, dear reader! It's time for more chatter concerning our most looked forward to TV show, "The Walking Dead." In a recent interview with NBC Washington, Jane dropped the following on fans ...

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part IV: Prosthetics and Buckets of Blood

As we mentioned in our preview piece, "The Walking Dead" won’t be stingy on the bloodshed. This show plans to test the bounds of gore on TV, and they’ve got one of the best in the business to make sure all the open wounds, guts and severed limps look appropriately realistic. “Yesterday Greg [Nicotero] was doing some rigging [and] he was absolutely covered in blood,” says director Frank Darabont. “That’s my mental image of Greg, always.”

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part III: Casting and Prepping Production

Casting believable undead is an important aspect of any zombie show, but if you don’t have a great hero blowing off their heads, you might just end up rooting for the zombies. Robert Kirkman crafted a great protagonist for The Walking Dead in the venerable Rick Grimes so finding the right man to breathe life into him on screen would be a challenge to be sure. In the end it was a Brit who had the goods.

Trailer Debut: The Walking Dead Premiering Halloween Night

Finally the day we've been waiting for is here! The official trailer for Frank Darabont's TV adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead is here along with the show's premiere date! Life ... or in this case death ... is good!

New Zombie Infested Images From The Walking Dead Find Rick Grimes In Hot Water

Is it October yet? How we wish we had a time machine. As zero hour approaches for the debut of the six-part AMC miniseries based upon the Robert Kirkman zombie epic "The Walking Dead", anticipation keeps growing steadily. If these new images don't get your ghost, we don't have any idea what will!

Comic Artist Charlie Adlard Talks Becoming One of The Walking Dead for AMC

Any fan of the Robert Kirkman comic book series The Walking Dead is already very familiar with the name Charlie Adlard. He's one of the many artists responsible for bringing our heroes and the walkers alive on the page. Now Adlard is bringing one of them to life in the most unique and exciting way possible - via live action for the AMC series of the same name!

The Walking Dead Set Visit Part II: Zombies Invade the ATL

These days it’s a pretty rare occurrence to shoot exactly where a script is set. Vancouver doubles for New York. Montreal is London. Louisiana becomes L.A. So on and so forth. But Georgia has been making headway of late in the motion picture industry, offering a sizable tax break good enough to lure fellow horror productions Zombieland, The Crazies and Quarantine 2.

Date Set for The Walking Dead?

I'm not sure if it's even possible to be more psyched for a single TV show than we are for Frank Darabont's vision of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic "The Walking Dead". We're counting down the days until October like giddy kids counting 'em down until Christmas. Now it looks like we have a target date in sight.