The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead CENTRAL - Prep for Season 2 Premiere with Interviews, Video Clips, Gallery and More!

We figured we would help you decide if you want to spend your upcoming Sunday night watching the Season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead" by putting together our largest ever package of our past coverage.

The Walking Dead Has Truly Arrived! Lands on the Cover of MAD Magazine!

It may not have quite the clout it did a few decades ago, but back in my day a film or TV project wasn't considered a true hit until MAD Magazine had its way with it. Well, we guess "The Walking Dead" has finally arrived because not only is it parodied in Issue #512 of the venerable publication, it also made the cover! Check it out.

The Walking Dead: Season Two First Impressions

Zombies. They have been influencing my collective pop culture conscience for most of my life. From Night, Dawn, and Day of the Dead to Fulci’s Zombie and Return of the Living Dead. I love me some zombie mayhem. Now that you all know that very important information, it goes without saying I fell madly and deeply in love with the comic series The Walking Dead.

Bear McCreary Rocks Out the Horror Tunes

When you think soundtracks that kick ass, one name comes immediately to mind ... Bear McCreary. The guy has delivered the goods on so many projects it's hard to list them all, but now you have your chance to get your mits on a few of them. Read on!

A Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 2.01 - What Lies Ahead

Is everyone gearing up for this Sunday's return of "The Walking Dead" to AMC? Just in case your anticipation isn't quite high enough yet, the network has posted a sneak peek of Episode 2.01, entitled "What Lies Ahead". Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Walking Dead Panelists Ready to Shamble Into NY Comic Con

The dead are coming. That's right, "The Walking Dead" will be kicking off Season 2 this Sunday, October 16, for a big ol' 13 episode run. And what better way to prepare for the event than to attend "The Walking Dead" panel at New York Comic Con this Saturday!

This Friday (10/14/11) The Walking Dead Shamble Through The Soup!

This Sunday "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC to bring on the bloodshed, drama, and carnage we're all craving. A couple of days before that, though, they stare down the crew of E! Entertainment Television's "The Soup". Read on for the 411!

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Super Expanded Image Gallery Now Online

The time is almost here, kids! This weekend "The Walking Dead" Season 2 shambles back to the AMC airwaves, and we have even more images of what you can expect. Ready for some killer looks at the Walkers? We know you are.

The Walking Dead: Info on Spread the Dead Facebook App and Bloody Rick Grimes Figure (McFarlane Toys 2011 NYCC Exclusive)

A couple of stories regarding AMC's "The Walking Dead" crossed our desk this morning. First up is the series' Spread the Dead Avatar Generator on Facebook, which gives you the chance to see what you'd look like as a zombie or a survivor. Next is a peek at "The Walking Dead Comic Officer Rick Grimes - Bloody Version" figure McFarlane Toys will be selling exclusively this weekend at the New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con 2011: Horror in the Halls of the Javits Center: The Walking Dead, Ghost Rider, Resident Evil, and More!

By this time next week the 2011 New York Comic Con will be wrapping up for another year, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves -- there are panels to see and toys to buy first! Here's a look at the horror highlights along with a few other genre-related appearances that should be of interest to our readers.

Netflix Carried by The Walking Dead

Netflix sure has seen its fair share of troubles lately. For our money it's an invaluable service that provides much fun when curling up late at night with the old iPad or gathering MST3K style with friends around the 360. We hate seeing this service stumble, but there is some good news ... reinforcements have been called in ... rotting and hungry reinforcements.

Go Inside The Walking Dead Season 2 with the Cast

Having just watched the first episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 2 last night, I can assure you of this ... it's an absolute tension-filled, zombie-laden winner. Look for a first impressions story soon. But hey, don't just take my word for it! I'll defer to the cast!

More Walking Dead TV Spots and Another On-Air Trailer Shamble Forth

In anticipation of the premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season Two on October 16th, some more video-based goodies have been released online, including the 7th on-air trailer, and we have the whole enchilada waiting right here for you cold off the slab!

Some Sneak Peek Photos from The Walking Dead Episode 2.01

With the launch of "The Walking Dead" webisodes today, AMC wanted to make sure you didn't forget about the premiere of Season 2 on October 16th so they've released a few sneak peek photos from Episode 1, including a close-up look at one of the show's new zombies.