The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Episode Three Now Available For PS3; Hitting Xbox 360, Mac and PC August 29th!

The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead is now available on PlayStation Network with the XBLA, PC and Mac versions releasing soon. If you are ready to jump back into the zombie apocalypse, then wait no longer!

The Walking Dead: New Episode of Playing Dead Takes a Look at New Characters

As we all wait patiently for the third installment, a new episode has been released of the Playing Dead video series which looks at some of the new characters in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Read on to learn more!

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Director Guy Ferland

Happy Monday! Per usual AMC has posted a new "Dispatch from the Set" of "The Walking Dead" to kick off the work week. On tap for today is director Guy Ferland, who shares the secret to orchestrating walker mayhem and weighs the pros and cons of living in either a post-apocalyptic prison or Woodbury.

The Walking Dead: Titles of the First Three Season 3 Episodes Revealed

Episode titles tell us a lot about the TV series we watch. Sometimes they refer to songs or movies or act as quick synopses of the characters or storylines. Other times they're as stark and foreboding as the shows they describe. Here's what we can expect in "The Walking Dead" Season 3.

Get an Exclusive The Walking Dead Minimates Two-Pack During the 2012 Halloween ComicFest

Comic shops across the country are participating in Halloween ComicFest with special giveaways and limited edition comics as well as some cool Halloween-themed merchandise. Diamond Select Toys is contributing to the event with an exclusive two-pack of "The Walking Dead" Minimates.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Tickets ON SALE NOW!

The time has come, kids! Reach deep into your wallet and immediately pull out your preferred method of payment because tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood's yearly Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights, are on sale right now! Get yours today!

Presidential Candidate A. Zombie Releases His First Campaign Ad

A few days ago we told you about the launch of a new candidate's campaign for President: A. Zombie has entered the 2012 Presidential race and vows to restore zombies to televisions everywhere. Check out his first campaign ad.

Watch the "Fire on the Set" Bonus Feature from The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray/DVD

Curious how they pulled off the barn burning scene at the end of Season 2 of "The Walking Dead"? Then check out this clip from the "Fire on the Set" bonus feature from the Blu-ray/DVD!

The Walking Dead Season 3 EW Image Blow-Out

Hitting newsstands on Friday is Entertainment Weekly's "The Walking Dead" sneak peek issue. They weren't kidding either. There's a massive amount of eye candy on hand just waiting for you to chew on! Don't hesitate another moment! Feast!

The Walking Dead Get Cute Thanks to Funko

No matter where we look lately, we see something Walking Dead related. It was just a matter of time before someone found a way to make this much loved project even more adorable! Get ready to fight off the urge to pinch a zombie on the cheek!

This Week's EW Has The Walking Dead Covered

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to a special preview of "The Walking Dead" Season Three, and to celebrate, the mag has released four collectors' covers. Check them all out right here.

A New Deleted Scene from The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere

Another deleted scene from the home video release of "The Walking Dead" Season 2 has arrived, and it's notable for almost kicking off the season right after the events that ended Season 1. Check it out!

New Character Announced for The Walking Dead Season 3

It looks like Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" is going to bring us another new character independent of the comics. He'll be working with the Governor in Woodbury, and considering how well adding Merle and Daryl to the mix turned out, we say bring him on!

More AMC/Dish Network Shenanigans - A. Zombie Enters the 2012 Presidential Race

Now this? This is a Presidential campaign we can get behind 100%! A. Zombie is entering the 2012 Presidential race and vows to restore zombies to televisions everywhere. Read on for the details.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Costume Designer Eulyn Womble

It's Monday, which means AMC has released a new "Dispatch from the Set" of "The Walking Dead." This week costume designer Eulyn Womble describes how to make fake pus and chooses her ideal wardrobe for the zombie apocalypse.