The Vanguard

Vanguard, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Ray Bullock, Jr., Emma Choy, Bahi Ghubril Directed by Matthew Hope Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Vanguard Pulls Into the Bay

We just got confirmation of where The Vanguard, the British post-apocalyptic zombie film from Matthew Hope, has found its new home, and it’s not very surprising: good old Anchor Bay!

Vanguard Poster, New Trailer!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the makers of The Vanguard, the post-apocalyptic British zombie film directed by Matthew Hope (interview). Finally we have some meaty updates for you on this very cool looking project!

Hope, Matthew (The Vanguard)

Horror as a business is cyclical, like many others. A good ghost story comes out and makes a splash, and soon there are a million more coming out. Right now one of the popular trends

Exclusive: New Vanguard Trailer

We first told you about the newest zombie flick from the UK, The Vanguard, right here, and we believe there's good cause for buzz! There's no doubt this flick is looking fucking sweet!

Zombies Fear The Vanguard!

Where have all the good zombie movies gone?