The Undertakers

Ty Drago's The Undertakers Being Adapted for the Big Screen by Jeffrey Reddick

Producer/director Andrew van den Houten of Modernciné announced today that his company has tapped Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick to adapt The Undertakers, the first in a series of young-adult books by Ty Drago.

Exclusive: Edwin Neal Joins The Undertakers

Filmmaker Kiven Head informed us today that The Undertakers: Road's End, a project we've been following close behind for sometime now, has a new cast member on hand. We'll give you a hint... he's a big fan of head cheese and knives.

Exclusive: Richard Hatch Joins The Undertakers!

A familiar face to all Battlestar Galatica fans out there has just joined up with J. Larose to be part of Kiven Head's zombie action film, The Undertakers: Road's End. Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo!) will be playing the role of Professor James.

Larose Joins Undertakers

Those maniacs making The Undertakers (hit the link above to see all our previous stories on it) just announced some very appropriate casting news today via the film’s MySpace page; J. Larose has signed on to play Talon Black!

The Undertakers' Resurrection

The road to getting your vision on video can be one hell of a struggle. Our buddy and filmmaker Kiven Head knows this well. For several months now he has been raising funds via a raffle so that his movie, The Undertakers: Road's End, can come to life (“The Undertakers Need Zombies” – February 2008).

The Undertakers Need Zombies

Isn't it the dream of many horror fans to be a zombie in a movie? I'm not talking about one of those generic background deaders; I mean one right in the front where everyone can see ya. Well, for just $10 you could have that chance!

Wanna be a Zombie?

I've been following a comic book styled zombie flick called The Undertakers: Road's End for a while. Everything about the project has great potential, but all that is holding it back is ... money. Yes, that fuel that puts all movies into motion is all the Undertakers team needs, but they've come up with a great idea to drum up some cash!