The Soska Sisters

Dead Hooker in a Trunk Gets a May DVD Release Date in the UK

Good news for our friends across the pond: The Soska sisters' Dead Hooker in a Trunk (review here) has landed a DVD release date in the UK of May 23rd! Here's the message Sylvia and Jen Soska recently released: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Teaser Trailer and Poster Debut for the Soska Sisters' American Mary

The Soska sisters of Dead Hooker in a Trunk fame are back with their sophomore feature in the works, entitled American Mary. Up until now details have been scarce, but they just revealed some new poster art, the flick's storyline, and a teaser trailer that have definitely piqued our interest. Synopsis:

Soska Sisters Prepping American Mary Trailer for December 11th Launch

Twisted twins Jen and Sylvia Soska, the masterminds behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk, are back at it with American Mary, a film they're keeping quite close-lipped about other than promising its trailer will debut on December 11th.

Exclusive Clip: Dead Hooker in a Trunk Will Make Your Day

The Soska Sisters. We love them. Why? Because they are not only wonderfully demented, but they also just handed over an exclusive clip from their latest slice of indie mayhem ... Dead Hooker in a Trunk! Now this, my friends, is how you kick off a weekend!

New Trailer and Hilarious Ad - Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Sometimes the title of a movie can say it all, and then other times -- no matter how weird or disturbing -- it can't possibly say enough. This one of those times.