The Scream Factory

Sink Your Teeth into Full Release Details for Scream Factory's Ginger Snaps Blu-ray

One of the most anticipated Scream Factory releases on their current slate is no doubt the Collector's Edition Blu-ray of the exceptional werewolf flick Ginger Snaps, which is headed home on July 22nd.

Scream Factory Makes a Date with The Final Terror; Full Release Info!

Scream Factory is absolutely killing it this year with their releases and one of the many films being added to the ever-growing collection in the coming months is the 80s backwoods slasher flick The Final Terror, making its way out of the woods on July 1st.

Scream Factory and Anchor Bay Announce Halloween Box Set; Halloween 6 Producer's Cut Included

Ladies and gentlemen... We now present to you reason number 89,098,0127,091 to LOVE The Scream Factory and Anchor Bay... the long talked about, highly demanded Producer's Cut of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is hitting Blu-ray with a whole lot more!

Final Exam (Blu-ray)

Starring Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice, Ralph Brown, DeAnna Robbins Directed by Jimmy Huston Distributed by The Scream Factory

Evilspeak (Blu-ray)

Starring Clint Howard, R.G. Armstrong, Joseph Cortese, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson, Don Stark, Charles Tyner

Lake Placid Blu-ray Artwork and Details Surface

"If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it!". That's right, kids! The great Betty White spoke those words way back in 1999 when Lake Placid took a bite out of theatres. The scene still brings a smile to my face, and given the Scream Factory's history, this Blu-ray will, too!

Badass New Pumpkinhead Artwork

One thing Pumpkinhead will not be seeking vengeance for is the artwork on the new Blu-ray from The Scream Factory as it's pretty damned awesome. See for yourself right here and then thank the video gods for Scream Factory's existence!

Ravenous for a Blu-ray Update? We Got ya Covered!

The Scream Factory just offered the world a glimpse of what's to come when Ravenous, the cult Guy Pearce-starring cannibal thriller set during the Mexican-American War, hits Blu-ray from them on June 3rd! Read on!

Dog Soldiers Blu-ray Release Delayed

If you're eagerly awaiting the Blu-ray release of Dog Soldiers, we have some crappy news for you that has come via the Scream Factory Facebook page. The release has been delayed until 2015.

The Scream Factory Finds Foreign Horror in the House in the Alley

The Scream Factory has been releasing the very best of our genre's stranger side with Criterion-like editions that we'd never have thought some of these movies would get. Every once in a while though... they dig up something we've never even heard of!

Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings Flying to Blu-ray via the Scream Factory

Hot on the heels of the announcement of a Pumpkinhead reboot comes word that both the original Pumpkinhead and its campy sequel, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, will be getting the Scream Factory Blu-ray treatment.

Check Into The Scream Factory's Motel Hell Artwork

In case you missed it (and shame on you if you did) - the mad scientists behind the Scream Factory, Jeff Nelson and Cliff MacMillan, recently announced exclusively on Dread Central Live that Motel Hell would be hitting Blu-ray this summer, and right now we have a look at the artwork for you!

The Scream Factory Delivers Another Release Without Warning; Full Summer of Fear Release Slate Revealed

As if we needed any more reasons to want to cuddle The Scream Factory until our arms dropped off lifeless and withered, they announced today that another little known classic from the 1980s is on its way!

Leviathan Comes to the Surface for Scream Factory Blu-ray Release

While Scream Factory's summer slate is already jam-packed with goodies, including Blu-ray releases of Lake Placid and Motel Hell, they're nevertheless showing no signs of slowing down and have just added another title to the mix. Read on for details!

The Monkey's Paw Scratches its Way to Blu-ray and DVD

I have fond memories of reading The Monkey's Paw as a child, and Chiller TV's version does a great job of keeping chills steadily running down the old spine. Now you can see for yourself as it's getting set to hit home video.