The Ruins

FEARnet Presents Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules; Announces New Acquisitions and Programing Initiatives

Are you all caught up on the very cool Trick 'r Treat shorts FEARnet has been putting out over the past several months? In honor of the Halloween holiday and the all-day Trick 'r Treat marathon they'll be running on the 31st, the network has released four more new videos entitled Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules. In addition they've made a huge announcement about FEARnet's slate of Halloween and year-round programing initiatives that are sure to satisfy horror fans' thirst for genre content through 2012.

Exclusive Ruins DVD Clip!

To give you guys a taste of what you can look forward to when The Ruins hits DVD tomorrow (read our review here), we’ve got a very sexy exclusive look at one of the many featurettes on the DVD, just for Dread readers. Why? Cause we love you, damnit, and believe that carnivorous plants are the future!

DVD Releases: Mummy Ruins

A hearty list of healthy and horrendous yet heartfelt horrors arrives this Tuesday, July 8th, 2008...

Ruins, The (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Laura Ramsey, Shawn Ashmore, Joe Anderson Directed by Carter Smith Distributed by Dreamworks Home Entertainment

The Ruins' Fertile DVD

It still amazes me that a bloodless, talentless, pointless movie like Prom Night was able to make bank while a film far more worthy of our money didn't. I am, of course, talking about The Ruins (review).

Meet Ruins Director Carter Smith

While it was no Prom Night, Carter Smith’s The Ruins was an effective little flick with a nice smattering of good old fashioned gore. If only a few more people would have checked it out in the theaters.

Ruins, The (2008)

Quit your vining! Discuss Rick's latest 'toon in the Dread Central forums!

Dinner for Fiends: Ruination

Sorry for the long time between these podcasts, kids. If you need someone to blame, feel free to blame Uncle Creepy; though not really his fault, he can take it better than anyone else.

Ruins, The (2008)

Reviewed by D.W. Bostaph, Jr. Starring Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Shawn Ashmore, Laura Ramsey Directed by Carter Smith

Red Band Ruins

When we think of the term "Red Band Trailer", doesn't that usually conjure up images of violence, boobs, and/or swearing? The best way to sell a horror film to the horror crowd is to show them that the flick isn't going to dick around, but what do I know...

Crushed and Ruined in Erie

Ever since I saw BugCrush (review), I knew that the film’s director Carter Smith was going to go on to do something special for horror fans. It was a beautiful, measured film that was hard to dismiss. The general public will get an opportunity to see Smith’s first big feature film, The Ruins, when it hits theaters on April 3rd.

International Ruins

I know you’re probably sick of seeing posters for The Ruins a full month before its release. We’ve already shown you three of ‘em to date, but I can’t help it; they’re all pretty cool so when a new one shows up, we have to mention it. Case in point: IMP Awards Just got a look at the international Ruins poster, which you can see below, so now we're showing you. That's called sharing.

Another Ruins Poster

Hey look! Another poster for Carter Smith’s The Ruins! This one comes from the good old boys at the IMP Awards and, as you can tell, it’s a slight variation on one of the previous posters (this time the girl is screaming). I gotta say I like this one best so far ... now we just have to hope the movie's good! The Ruins opens everywhere on April 4th!

Red Band Ruins

In case you guys missed it, the official site for Carter Smith’s adaptation of Scott Smith’s The Ruins (book review) has been updated with a brand-spanking new “red band” trailer, which means you gotta be 17 to see it. Cause you know how immature those 16 year olds are ...

UPDATE! First Ruins Poster

It’s small, but effective. How many times have you had to explain that in your life? Personally I never have (ahem), but this time I will because I’m talking about the poster for Carter Smith’s The Ruins.