The Ring

Oscar-Winning Writer Heading Down the Well for The Ring 3D

Last month we learned that Paramount Pictures is working on a third installment in The Ring's American franchise, which is now being titled The Ring 3D. In addition to the title and dimensional change, a new writer has come on board, so read on for the latest!

America Sees The Ring for the Third Time with F. Javier Gutierrez

I'm still kind of spitting up the bad taste left in my mouth by Sadako 3D. I mean, holy shit! Hopefully the third film in the American Ring franchise will help me purge myself of it once and for all. Read on for your first details on The Ring 3.

Must-See Prank Inspired by The Ring

It's these little moments... these once in a lifetime chances... that YouTube was made for. Get ready for what has to be one of the single funniest pranks pulled off in ages. If you're a fan of The Ring, get ready to laugh and be happy!

7 of the Cutest Horror Icons You'll Ever See

Who's a cute little homicidal murderer who enjoys bathing in the blood of his or her victims? Yes, you are! And who's the lovable little loony I just want to pinch the cheek of? It's you also! IT'S YOU! See for yourself!

Sadako 3D Jumps Out onto DVD and Blu-ray

Around these parts we are big fans of the Japanese Ring films. Hell, even the American version of The Ring was pretty good. Sure, the Japanese TV show sucked and the American The Ring 2 left LOTS to be desired, so we're hoping Sadako 3D can right some wrongs.

There is Nowhere Safe from the Grasp of Sadako

If you thought seeing Sadako throw out the first pitch at the Tokyo Dome was cool, wait until you feast your eyes on this latest viral campaign for the next entry in the Ring franchise, Sadako 3D. Can we have this when you guys are done? Please?

Korean Teaser Trailer for Sadako 3D Reaches Out to Grab You!

Sadako 3D fever is sweeping the Far East, and the black-haired demon child is showing up everywhere. Including in this Korean teaser trailer for the film. Check it out!

Next U.S. Ring Film Taking Found Footage Approach?

While the ghost of Sadako is busy playing with the balls of a team of men in Japan, Stateside we haven't heard a thing about a third film in the American version of The Ring franchise. Until now.

Sadako 3D - Killer Kid Dons Cleats for the Tokyo Dome

Maybe it's just us, but we haven't seen a single thing from the next entry in Japan's once terrifying Ring franchise, Sadako 3D, that has gotten us even slightly excited. It just looks silly, and the silliness continues with this latest PR stunt.

First Sadako 3D Images Reach Out and Grab Ya!

It's been over a decade since last we were haunted by Sadako and her special brand of well crawling evil, but that's about to change thanks to the release of Sadako 3D. Check out the first stills!

Ring Around the Full Trailer for Sadako 3D

The spirit of Sadako of the Ring series is alive, well, and ready to crawl out of your viewing device and grab you! That's right, kids, the full international trailer for Sadako 3D has made its way online! Dig it!

The Ring Sneaks Quietly onto Blu-ray

Oh, Paramount! You're such devils! We just never know what we're gonna find in the mail here at the Dread Central offices. Today we got a box. In it we found a Blu-ray covered in blue and black tissue paper. When all was said and done, we were staring at The Ring on Blu-ray.

First Trailer for Sadako 3D Rings In

It's been a long time since last we heard the bones of the nefarious spirit of Sadako of the Ring series come rattling our way. That changes now as the first trailer for Sadako 3D has crawled online!

Producer Roy Lee Talks Oldboy Remake, Possible Reboots of The Grudge and The Ring

While on a recent set visit for the upcoming supernatural thriller 7500 being helmed by director Takashi Shimizu, Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with producer Roy Lee, who gave us some insight on what's in the works for Spike Lee's Oldboy remake as well as the potential for new films in both the The Grudge and The Ring franchises.

Plot Details and Teaser Art Emerges for Sadako 3D

It's been a few months since last there was anything to talk about pertaining to the next chapter in the Ring franchise, Sadako 3D, but some plot details have surfaced along with a bit of teaser art! Dig it!