The Pack

A Pack of Images from The Pack (La Meute)

Nearly a dozen new images have surfaced online for Franck Richard's French creature feature The Pack; yet, still we don't get a single glimpse of any creature action. Even so you can definitely tell strange things are ... ummm ... "a foot"!

Second Clip From The Pack Slides Online

The second bit of footage from Franck Richard's French creature feature The Pack has found its way online, but just like with Clip #1 we still don't get any creature action. We do, however, get a heaping helping of nasty foreign bikers!

Dig on Two Minutes of The Pack

Ready for some footage from Franck Richard's French creature feature The Pack? Don't get too excited; there's not a lot of action found in this latest slice of goodness, but it is worth a look!

More Stills From The Pack

The good news? Franck Richard's debut feature The Pack (La Meute) went over big at the Cannes Film Festival. The bad? Despite selling literally all over the world, nobody has picked it up for US distro. YAY. Well ... at least we've got some new images to tide us over. That's something, right?

The Pack Too Crazed for Cannes?

One flick causing quite a stir at this year's Cannes Film Festival is Franck Richard's debut feature The Pack (La Meute). Looks as if the public is going to have to wait a while longer for their first glimpse of monster-filled goodness!

Finally - First Footage From French Fright Flick The Pack (La Meute)

We've been talking about Franck Richard's The Pack, or La Meute for you purists out there, for a couple of years now; and finally, FINALLY, the first footage has hit this crazy thing called the Interwebs!

When Drive-Ins Attack: The Pack

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New Stills from The Pack

A little French flavor has been going a long way in terms of horror nowadays. Case in point, Franck Richard's new film The Pack. Some fresh stills surfaced today over on Twitch, and things seem to be shaping up in a pretty badass way.