The Other Side

Trailer Takes You to The Other Side

A suicide is a suicide. But a whole bunch of suicides, all at once? Well, that's just a little bit suspicious and serious cause for alarm. Don't you think?

Short Film The Other Side Added to Grimmfest 2012; Submissions Close August 14th

Submissions close tomorrow, August 14th, for Grimmfest 2012 so if you have a feature or short film you want to put out there, now's the time! You could be as lucky as The Other Side, which was just selected for the fest.

Other Side, The (Short, 2012)

Starring Nick Moran, Amelia Warner, Jennie Jacques, Charlie De'ath, Mark Cameron, Paul Davis Directed by The Santoro Brothers

Syfy's The Other Side Gets a New Title (Ferocious Planet), a Trailer, and a Release Date!

I'm probably encroaching on Foy territory with this story, but after all his live tweeting last night during the Oscars, I figured he could use a break. Syfy's The Other Side, which we first told you about several months ago, has been given a new name - Ferocious Planet - and a release date of April 9th.

Syfy Serving Up Roadkill on The Other Side

RHI Entertainment just announced that it has another two supernatural films on the way that will be released on Syfy. Somewhere out there The Foywonder nods in approval. Or is that fright? Only time will tell!