The Orphanage

The Orphanage Remake Still on the Table with Several Others

Even though we haven't heard a damn thing about it in quite some time, Screen Daily is reporting that Spain’s Rodar y Rodar Films has just announced its slate of upcoming films, which includes the remake of The Orphanage.

Amy Adams Headed to The Orphanage?

It's been so very long since we spoke about the Guillermo del Toro produced remake of the Spanish chiller The Orphanage, we actually forgot about it. Well, here's a reminder for us and you!

The Orphanage Remake Finds Its Director

We, like many, were really saddened to hear of Larry Fessenden's departure from the American remake of the hit Spanish spooker The Orphanage. We're sure that Larry will find himself something super-cool to attach himself to (hopefully free of his seemingly non-stop Wendigo fetish), but it would have been great to have him on board. New Line, however, is dead set on making this flick, and they have already found themselves a brand new director!

Larry Fessenden Exits The Orphanage?

Back in August it was announced that Larry Fessenden would be taking over as director on the American remake of J.A. Bayona's ghostly tale The Orphange. Fans rejoiced for the most part because with Larry at the helm, the last thing we'd get is a homogenized version of the flick that was met with much critical acclaim. Sadly ... things have changed.

Larry Fessenden Takes Over The Orphanage

J.A. Bayona's original film The Orphange rattled the bones of many a viewer with its creepy atmosphere and top notch scares. You know what that means, right? Two words -- AMERICAN REMAKE! Though we have to say we're pretty stoked as to the choice of the director for this undertaking.

Orphanage, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Geraldine Chaplin, Carmen Lopez, Andres Gertrudix, Fernando Cayo, Belén Rueda Directed by J.A. Bayona Distributed by New Line Home Video

Sanchez Talks 3993

Thanks to the very cool folks at AICN, Quint especially, my wife and I got to check out a screening of the much-loved Spanish horror movie The Orphanage (review) the other night in Boston, which was attended by the film's screenwriter, Sergio Sanchez, and director, J.A. Bayona.

Orphanage, The (2007)

Starring Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Príncep Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona

Visiting The Host's Orphanage

In celebration of this weekend’s U.S. release of The Host, Dread Central was invited out to The Orphanage to sit down with Visual FX Supervisor Kevin Rafferty, who discussed the creation of the great Korean beast.

Picturehouse in The Orphange

Now that Picturehouse, the first venture between HBO and New Line Cinema, have proven itself to be a success with the slow but steady release of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, how do they follow up? More Spanish thrillers, of course, and we’re fine with that!