The Mutant Chronicles

DVD Release List: August 4, 2009: Trapped in a Chaos Experiment with Hot Blood Sundae Cravings

If you've upgraded your system to include a Blu-ray player, then this is a pretty good week for you as August 4th will see the release of a few old friends including Blade II, Hannibal Rising, and Mimic. On the newer end of the spectrum, we have sci-fi/horror hybrids Alien Uprising and The Mutant Chronicles along with watch-it-at-your-own-risk fare like Cravings, The Chaos Experiment, Nature's Grave, and the anthology Slices.

Mutant Chronicles DVD Art / Date

The much talked about Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane sci-fi/horror vehicle The Mutant Chronicles (review here) is finally making its way to home video, and we have the skinny for you M-lovers out there!

Perlman, Ron (Mutant Chronicles)

In his 28 years in film and television, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that actor Ron Perlman has enjoyed a vast career. He’s a Gold

Ron Perlman on Mutant Chronicles, Bubba Nosferatu, and Keeping Busy

In his 28 years in film and television, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that actor Ron Perlman has enjoyed a vast career. He’s a Golden Globe-winning actor that has worked in almost every aspect of the genre entertainment spectrum, and his latest project, Mutant Chronicles, is no exception.

Simon Hunter Talks Mutant Chronicles

In his newest film, The Mutant Chronicles (review), director Simon Hunter takes audiences to the year 2707. Earth has been depleted of its natural resources, and four corporations run everything while waging war against each other.

Five Minutes of The Mutant Chronicles

Looking for some mutant action? No, not your typical Friday night in New York's East Village; we're talking about the new Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman flick The Mutant Chronicles (review)! The first five minutes of the flick are now available on line, and that means it's time for you to take a gander!

Stills From The Mutant Chronicles

The good folks at Magnet just sent us over a bunch of stills from their upcoming flick, The Mutant Chronicles (review here), and of course we're happy to share!

Trailer for Mutant Chronicles

IGN.com scored themselves an age restricted trailer for the upcoming mutant mash The Mutant Chronicles (review here) and as long as you're of age and don't mind a little mayhem, I suggest you check it out. We don't want to corrupt today's youth or anything like that, ya know?

MPAA Rates Hills Run Red, Mutant & More

Not a helluva lot of interesting “news” in here, but I thought it would warm the cockles of your collective heart, something desperately needed as temperatures continue to plummet on the East Coast, to know that some upcoming horror is, indeed, horrific.

Limited Theatrical Run & VOD for Mutant Chronicles

Hungry for some mutant killing action? Honestly, who isn't? Why back in my day any critter with more than two eyes would find themselves on the business end of a shotgun. Things just haven't been the same since the bomb dropped ... what? Oh yeah, sorry.

Mutant Chronicles, 100 Feet to Sci Fi

With the minor exception of Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, a film making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel is never a good sign. So I have to say I’m concerned that Eric Red’s return to horror, 100 Feet, has been resigned to that fate.

Final Films for Toronto After Dark

Those brilliant bastards behind the Toronto After Dark Film Festival just announced a few last-minute additions to their already stellar lineup of films for the 2008 event, which goes down this October 17th-24h.

Mutant Chronicles, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Anna Walton, Devon Aoki, Sean Pertwee, Pras, John Malkovich Directed by Simon Hunter Distributed by Magnet Releasing