The Misfits

Leatherface and The Misfits Mascot The Fiend Added to NECA's Line-up

NECA is at it again, adding more figures to their already impressive roster. The new additions to NECA's 8" Mego-Style Collection are Leatherface and The Fiend, the infamous mascot of legendary punk band The Misfits. And we've got an early sneak peek for you.

Perkins' 14 Now in Post

Perkin’s 14, a film about cults, murder, and redemption, reached picture lock recently and is currently at Molinare, a post-production house in the UK. During a recent visit to the film’s editing room, director Craig Singer told us that Perkins' 14 is the real deal: all practical effects, a cast filled with non-SAG actors and dash of 70’s horror show.

Graves Talks Perkins', Misfits

During the recent Monster Mania convention, when we gave you guys the first look at Craig Singer’s Perkins’ 14, we started hearing that former Misfits frontman Michale Graves’ role in the film wasn’t just a glorified cameo like we had assumed, but actually a real acting part.

Graves, Michale (Perkins' 14)

Michale Graves. His name