The Melancholy Fantastic

The Melancholy Fantastic Hits VOD in April

The first film in AD Calvo's planned Gothic mental illness trilogy, The Melancholy Fantastic, is about to hit USA Video-On-Demand in April. Take a look at the trailer below, and we're sure you'll agree that this definitely falls into the mental illness category.

AFM 2011: Lightning Strikes The Melancholy Fantastic

Some early evening distribution news has come out of the bustling American Film Market, and we've got the latest for you on tap and ready to go. Into tales of creepy dolls and Christmastime? Then, brother and sisters, do we have a fix for you!

Indie Trailer Debut - The Melancholy Fantastic

A huge film favorite around the Dread Central offices is Lucky McKee's debut feature, May, which pretty much played as a national friggin' anthem for the misunderstood soul. A.D. Calvo's latest feature, The Melancholy Fantastic, looks to echo that film and up the ante in terms of freaky! Dig it!