The Legend of Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek (2011)

Starring Texas Battle, Melissa Carnell, Stephanie Honore, Damon Lipari, Shavon Kirksey Directed by Brian T. Jaynes

Exclusive New Stills: Boggy Creek - First Look at the Creature!

Bigfoot is back in American World Pictures' latest frightfest, Boggy Creek, and we have scored several new stills for you, including the very first shots of the creature itself! Boggy Creek is directed by Brian T. Jaynes and stars Texas Battle, Stephanie Honore, Damon Lipari, Shavon Kirksey, and Melissa Carnell.

First Look Inside the Effects of Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek's writer/producer/director Brian T. Jaynes has released some photos of the Facades FX creature shop in action on the upcoming film - a whole gallery's worth in fact!

Teaser Trailer: Boggy Creek Remake

One remake we're particularly stoked for around here is Boggy Creek. Why? Because they just don't make enough good Bigfoot movies, and how could anyone resist a good old fashioned dosage of Sasquatchploitation?!?

RIP: Charles Pierce

Another one of our genre's unsung heroes has passed on, and while he's not exactly a huge name in the industry, two of his films have been nothing if not influential to a lot of filmmakers still toiling away today.

Exclusive Early Stills from Boggy Creek

Following up on the story we ran recently with an update on indie flick Boggy Creek, today we got ahold of four early stills from the production that indicate things are looking suitably swampy.

Boggy Creek Remake is NOT a Remake

We've been keeping tabs on the recently announced Legend of Boggy Creek remake. As it turns out, this remake isn't really a remake after all. Boggy Creek will have a similar theme as the original but is not really a remake, will not be done in the docudrama style, and has a monster that owes more to a man-creature of Caddo Indian mythology than the Fouke Monster portrayed in the original.

Exclusive Boggy Creek Remake Casting News

A few days ago Foy clued us in to the proposed remake of 1972's The Legend of Boggy Creek. At that time no details were available, but today a source close to the production dropped us a line with the names of not only the director but also several key cast members.

The Remake of Boggy Creek

And now for your WTF?!?! remake news of the day: The Legend of Boggy Creek. The seminal Sasquatch movie of the Seventies and probably all-time, Charles B. Pierce's 1972 docudrama based of actual events using many of the real people recounting tales of a Bigfoot creature that terrorized Fouke, Arkansas for decades. How the heck do you remake a docudrama? That's like announcing you're going to do a remake of Roger & Me or The Thin Blue Line.