The Land That Time Forgot

Moviescore Media Releasing Three Asylum Film Scores by Chris Ridenhour

Moviescore Media is celebrating the works of composer Chris Ridenhour with three new releases: 2012 Supernova: The Sci-Fi Film Scores of Chris Ridenhour, The Land that Time Forgot: The Fantasy Film Scores of Chris Ridenhour, and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus: The Monster Film Scores of Chris Ridenhour. All three releases highlight the composer’s work with The Asylum.

Dinosaurs and a Skunk-Ape Attack in New Trailers

The Asylum has a new dinosaur flick, and a new indie horror sees a skunk-ape battling weekend warriors. We've got the trailers for The Land That Time Forgot and Shaawanokie.

The Stills That Time Forgot

I know ... a slow Monday news-wise. What a concept! Leave it to The Asylum to ruin our otherwise relaxing day by releasing some stills for their upcoming redux of The Land that Time Forgot. Bastards.

The Remake That Time Forgot

Remember that 1975 dinosaur classic The Land That Time Forgot? No? That's a shame because it was a surprisingly good little movie. Even more surprising -- production starts next week on the remake with actor C. Thomas Howell in the director's chair! How in the world did we miss this one?