The Home

Michelle Rodriguez Checking into The Home?

With Battle: Los Angeles lighting up box office numbers, one of the film's stars could very well be heading out for a little R&R at the retirement home from hell.

Dimension Films Lands Prime Real Estate with The Home

We've been talking about Kristopher Aaron Morgan's The Home for quite some time here on Dread Central, and we're happy to report that the film, which was penned by both Morgan and AICN writer Eric Vespe, has finally taken up residence at a studio.

Bodies Start Filling The Home

It's been a few months since last we spoke about Kristopher Aaron Morgan's The Home, but wow, have the folks behind it used that time wisely! Some casting news has hit online this morning, and dare we say the line-up is pretty impressive.

Not Even the Elderly are Safe in The Home

It's been a while since the last time we updated you on The Home. Almost fifteen months to be exact. What can we tell ya? Sometimes the really good shit takes a while to get cooking!

The Home Headed for the Big Screen

Fans of Scott Nicholson's book The Home (review here) have a big reason to smile today as the 2005 novel has been optioned by producer Lea Marin, with Sean Frewer attached to direct.

Inside Team Behind The Home

A while back we told you guys about one of the many new projects Weta was lending their skilled hands to, a film called The Home.

Weta Lends a Hand to The Home

It’s good to see that, even though they could easily do nothing but work on huge-budgeted films for the rest of their existence, Weta is still willing to help out the little guy when they feel the project is deserving enough.