The Hole

The Hole Opens Late Summer/Fall?

So the 3D craze is in full swing and doing huge box office, and we're wondering ... where the hell is Joe Dante's (shot in 3D, NOT converted) The Hole? A little news came this morning from the man himself.

AFM Wrap-Up! The Sights! The Sounds! The Scares!

Horror has always dominated the American Film Market and 2009 was no exception. And while there was a considerable shortage of titles this year, the overall quality was a huge step up from previous AFMs. I guess there’s something to be said for the lack of over-saturation.

The Hole One-Sheet Offers No Thrills

Color us disappointed. The one-sheet for Joe Dante's The Hole broke out yesterday, and for all the wonder and imagination weaved into this project, the poster is about as bland and direct-to-video-ish as they come. See for yourself.

Learn More About Joe Dante's Hole

Why? Why can't we resist making ass jokes when it comes to this movie? At times it's as if we have the mentality of a thirteen-year-old! Sigh. In any event, MovieSet just published some nifty behind-the-scenes stuff concerning Dante's latest.

New One-Sheet for Joe Dante's Hole

Nope, we're not talking about the blown-up results from a prostate exam; we're referring to some new art for Joe Dante's upcoming supernatural thriller The Hole. You people have such dirty, tasteless minds. That's why we love you so.

Venice International Film Festival Announces Line-Up

Although Cannes, Toronto, and a few other film fests garner the lion's share of media attention, the Venice International Film Festival is certainly no slouch, as evidenced by the fact that it's just about to celebrate its 66th anniversary. The fest's line-up was announced today, and we're happy to report that quite a few genre offerings were included, both in and out of competition.

Gremlins: What You Didn't See! Joe Dante Speaks!

Tonight horror fans got the rare chance to relive their childhood at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, which hosted a Joe Dante double feature of his 1984 creature feature masterpiece Gremlins that was followed up with his 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of Dante's The Hole in 3D

Excited about Joe Dante's upcoming 3D flick The Hole? I know we are. Dante is a legend around these parts, and his return to the big screen is most welcomed! Now that the film's getting closer, some exclusive behind-the-scenes videos have surfaced! Get ready to dig.

AFM: Joe Dante's The Hole in 3D Posters!

There's nothing like having Joe Dante back doing what he does best: making horror flicks that we absolutely fall in love with! At this year's AFM not one, but two, posters debuted for his soon to be in production 3D feature, The Hole!

Polo, Bennett Join The Hole

Casting is already going down for Joe Dante’s upcoming 3D supernatural thriller, The Hole, which you may recall Dante said he’ll be tackling next before possibly moving on to Bat Out of Hell.

Dante Goes 3D With The Hole, No Hell

Looks like Joe Dante may be moving on from the Drew McWeeney/Scott Swan feature Bat Out of Hell according to a new video blog posted on This is Some Scene. He doesn’t explain why he may not be attached to the vampires on a plane film, but he did confirm that he's getting ready to shoot The Hole.

Hole, The

Dante Finds Himself in The Hole, Too!

How cool is it to see Joe Dante’s name in the trades for two days in a row? Very cool, that’s how! Yesterday we told you he’d be directing the new film from Masters of Horror writers Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan, Bat out of Hell; today he was officially attached to another outstanding horror project, The Hole.

Vacancy Writer in a Hole

I wonder if anyone will confuse this new movie called The Hole with the Thora Birch film of the same name from a few years back. I also wonder why the hell screenwriters/studios can’t be a little more creative with their goddamn titles.