The Haunted

Axelle Carolyn to Introduce Us to The Haunted

Axelle Carolyn sure has come a long way. From Dread Central contributor, to published author, to movie star. How can you not admire her tenacity and skill set? Next up - Axelle will be trying her hand at directing for Intandem Films with The Haunted.

Quick Update: Neil Marshall's World War II Alien Invasion Film

Never let it be said that we don't work quickly. Just about an hour ago we brought you a news item regarding what could be Neil Marshall's next project in which the news was interrupted by an overzealous fan in the audience. Now there's a bit more to tell.

Neil Marshall's Aliens Will Invade During World War II

You know what's frustrating? People who don't know when to shut up who interrupt others that are actually talking about something interesting or big. Case in point ... the first word on what could be Neil Marshall's next project.

More Terror For Your TV: The Haunted

There's nothing we like more than a good old fashioned haunted house movie. No matter how you slice it, the prospect of the dead, even the semi-harmless dead, sticking around after becoming worm chow six feet under is still a pretty scary premise.