The Hamiltons

Exclusive: The Butcher Brothers Talk Broken Families, Future Projects and More for The Thompsons

This week The Butcher Brothers' latest project, The Thompsons, arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD everywhere, and to mark the occasion, Dread Central caught up with the filmmaking duo, Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, to chat about the sequel to the 2006 modern vampire flick The Hamiltons.

Thompsons, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Cory Knauf, Elizabeth Henstridge, Daniel O'Meara, Joseph McKelheer, Ryan Hartwig Directed by The Butcher Brothers

Exclusive Clip from The Thompsons Found Behind Bars

Available on DVD and Blu-ray today is The Butcher Brothers' follow-up to the The Hamiltons, entitled The Thompsons; and to kick off the new year right, we have an exclusive clip for you. Holiday schmoliday!

The Thompsons Have Their Say on Vampires

If you're a regular user of the Internet, chances are pretty good that you already know what a meme is. For those of you unsure... look it up! You're already on the computer if you're reading this! So. Very. Lazy. Anyway... dig on these new memes from The Thompsons.

New Artwork and Stills for The Thompsons

Alrighty, kids. It's time for some vampyric eye candy of the finest kind... Save all that glittering for the brooding sissies out there. The Thompsons are here, and they mean business. Open up and say ah....

The Thompsons Gets a Rating

Good to see The Thompsons moving steadily in the right direction. Everything we've seen so far has indicated that The Butcher Brothers' sequel to The Hamiltons was going to get the type of rating that genre fans love, and today we've got glorious confirmation.

Sales Trailer for The Thompsons Packing Lots of Blood and Bite

See, now this? This we like! Vampires that are vicious. There's no time for brooding or sparkling here, kids. The Thompsons are wicked hungry and looking to put you on the menu. Check out the gory sales trailer for The Butcher Brothers' sequel to The Hamiltons right here.

Lick Up Some New Artwork for The Thompsons

It was exactly a year ago to the day that we did our last news story about the Butcher Brothers' upcoming sequel to the vampire flick The Hamiltons, known as The Thompsons, and we've got your first look at the artwork straight from Berlin's EFM! Dig it!

Ride with the Reaper in New Images from The Thompsons

The Butcher Brothers are knee-deep in production right now on the sequel to their After Dark Horrorfest hit, The Hamiltons, entitled The Thompsons, and yet another still has come forth! All the regulars will return -- Cory Knauf, Samuel Child, Joseph McKelheer, and Mackenzie Firgens -- in the sequel that follows the Hamiltons as they sneak into a new town.

First Still from Hamiltons Sequel The Thompsons Slips Online

With The Hamiltons, their film for the first After Dark Horrorfest, the Butcher Brothers put themselves on the horror map by delivering a very different kind of vampire tale that delivered some smarts as well as the expected gore.

The Thompsons Take Center Stage in the Butcher Brothers' The Hamiltons 2

Back when the first After Dark Horrorfest hit several years ago, one of the first films that made one hell of an impression was the Butcher Brothers' take on vampire family The Hamiltons (review here). Since then the brothers have had a couple of misfires along the way, but they are now ready to get back to business with a sequel.