The Giant Monster

New Clips: Shout! Factory's Gamera Re-Release!

One DVD we are DYING for is Shout! Factory's re-release of the original Gamera, The Giant Monster, if only so we can throw out all those awful cheapo copies that have been permeating the marketplace forever now. To get fans even more excited, two clips of the remastered flick have hit online, and we have them both for you right here.

DVD Art and Vintage Stills: Gamera, The Giant Monster Deluxe DVD

Last week we had the pleasure of reporting on the glorious news that after dozens of piss-poor DVD editions, Gamera was finally going to get his digital due thanks to Shout! Factory. Today we have a look at the DVD art and some really vintage promotional stills from the flick!

Hell Yes! Gamera, The Giant Monster Deluxe DVD Coming From Shout! Factory

Timing can be a funny thing. Just a couple of nights ago I was sitting in my bedroom at 2:00 am watching old Gamera movies, and today we get a press release that has us grinning from ear-to-ear!