The Exorcist

Rival Schools Fight Evil in Exorcist Inspired Music Video

Now this? This is cool! The new music video for the Rival Schools song "Wring it Out" has hit the Net, and it manages to do what just about every possession film of the last 30 years got wrong ... create a loving homage to The Exorcist.

Spend 60 Seconds with The Exorcist and Lots of Clay

If there's one thing we love around here it's claymation. It's just so much more fascinating than anything we've seen that's CGI. Another thing we love? The Exorcist a.k.a. the movie that single-handedly ruined the chances of success for just about any filmmaker who dared to make a possession flick. Put them both together and you get one thing ... A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF WIN.

NSFW: Dread Central Presents: Horror's Most Inappropriate Sex Scenes

There is something in the air. Can you smell the sweet scent of lust? Be careful where you step, kids; things are bound to get extremely messy as we present to you some of our favorite and most inappropriate sex scenes that the horror genre has doled out over the years! Be warned right now ...

The Exorcist Added to the National Film Registry

And another notch has been added to the horror genre's ever growing belt of credibility! The Library of Congress has added the best and most frightening tale of demonic possession to their official National Film Registry.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win an October Fear Fest Blu-ray and DVD Bundle

We've had dozens of contests running this month in honor of Halloween, but we have saved the best one for last! You want a home video bundle to die for? Look no further! In honor of its line-up of Halloween horror titles, Warner Brothers, in association with Dread Central, has your opportunity to win an exclusive October Fear Fest Blu-ray and DVD Bundle!

DVD Releases: October 5th, 2010, or The Most Expensive Day in Horror History!

Another week in October, another bounty crop of horror DVDs and Blu-rays. This week we have home entertainment from recent theatrical releases of nightmares of the mind as well as re-releases of classic and campy horror, all with boatloads of extras.

The Exorcist Extended Director's Cut Possesses Theaters For One Night Only

Much like the Star Wars trilogy "special editions", does anybody actually prefer The Exorcist "The Version You've Never Seen" to the theatrical cut? William Friedkin thinks so as it's become the definitive edition of the film in his mind.

Red Band Blu-ray Trailer: The Exorcist

Other than Fox's Alien box set our most looked forward to Blu-ray release of the year is without question Warner Brothers' high definition treatment of The Exorcist. The set is just stacked from top to bottom, and if you need any more convincing, then dig on the following trailer.

Full Blu-ray Details to Make Your Head Spin - The Exorcist

Along with Fox's Blu-ray release of the Alien box set and Universal's Blu-ray release of Psycho, there's only one other Blu-ray release this year that has our blood boiling like holy water on the skin of a demon - Warner Brothers' Blu-ray edition of The Exorcist. We've got all the details for what is to be the mother of all Exorcist releases!

NECA's Latest Exorcist Collectible Will Have Your Head Spinning

Now here is something we've been waiting for FOREVER! A deluxe collectible from The Exorcist featuring little Reagan strapped to her bed and thoroughly possessed. Pretty cool, no? But wait .... there's more!

The Exorcist: The Mini-Series? Friedkin to Direct?

Well ... I suppose its better than a remake. During an interview in the latest issue of Cemetery Dance magazine with William Peter Blatty, the author dropped some interesting things on fans and readers.

Some GREAT News About The Exorcist Blu-ray!

If there's one thing I hate, it's when directors 'revisit' their films YEARS after having made them and begin to tinker with their material. Let's not even mention George Lucas, but instead Walter Hill (what the hell did you do to The Warriors, goddammit!) and William Friedkin (sir, your new French Connection Blu-ray transfer is an abomination). These guys have come very close to destroying films of theirs once heralded as masterpieces. And what's worse?

The Exorcist Going Blu-ray!

Here's a question ... Once you've watched The Exorcist: The Version You Have Never Seen, do you get mad every time that you look at the box and notice that it's now lying to you, or do you just accept the "version you have never seen" statement as one of the devil's tricks?

The Exorcist Spider Walk Dissected

BBC blogger sensation, Mark Kermode, sets the record straight about the infamous Spider-Walk scene from the original classic shocker, The Exorcist.

Knock Heads with Beetlejuice & Regan

Who knew that bobble heads would make such a big comeback in recent years? Then again, for the longest time we didn't have big-headed versions of the Terminator, Alien, and Predator.