The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Seven Horrific Hauntings Based on True Events

"Based on true events..." "Inspired by a true story..." However you phrase it, one key word always manages to make horror more horrific: true. Sit back and relax as we take a look at some movies based upon the strange, bizarre, and weird.

FEARnet Presents Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules; Announces New Acquisitions and Programing Initiatives

Are you all caught up on the very cool Trick 'r Treat shorts FEARnet has been putting out over the past several months? In honor of the Halloween holiday and the all-day Trick 'r Treat marathon they'll be running on the 31st, the network has released four more new videos entitled Trick 'r Treat: 4 Rules. In addition they've made a huge announcement about FEARnet's slate of Halloween and year-round programing initiatives that are sure to satisfy horror fans' thirst for genre content through 2012.

Cold Spots Special Report: What Really Happened to Emily Rose?

Demonic possession. It is the stuff of Hollywood movies and nightmares, inspired by the belief in something dark and ominous that can invade the body and damn the soul for all eternity. It makes a great story, the struggle of good versus bad, right versus wrong, light against the dark.