The Devil's Chair

Devil's Chair, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Andrew Howard, Nadja Brand, David Grant, Polly Brown Directed by Adam Mason Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Gory Stills From The Devil's Chair!

We last told you about Adam Mason’s The Devil’s Chair (review) when the DVD date for the flick was finally revealed to be October 7th, 2008. Today we were provided a slew of stills from the incredibly gory flick to whet your appetite even further!

Devil's Chair Art & Specs

Sony Home Entertainment just released the full specs and cover art for Adam (The Broken) Mason’s second feature, The Devil’s Chair (review).

Stuck, Seed, Feast & More DVD Dates!

Wow, today was a gluttonous day for horror DVD announcements, it seems. Rather than bore you with my, admittedly formidable, writing I’ll just provide you with an easy-to-read list, ordered chronologically. Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we will begin.

Brussels Lineup Gets Tons of Good Horror!

Oh, man, never thought I’d actually want to live closer to Brussels, of all places, but this year’s lineup for the Brusesls International Fantastic Film Festival is pretty damn tasty!

Devil's Chair, The (2006)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Andrew Howard, Nadja Brand, David Grant, Polly Brown Directed by Adam Mason (interview)

Exclusive: Broken Director Talks New Projects!

The other night I got on the horn with Broken (DVD review) director Adam Mason for our first “formal” interview (which you can hear right here).

Trailer for Devil's Chair!

From what I’ve seen of Adam Mason’s The Devil’s Chair, this is a movie that’s going to disgust and offend a lot of people when it finally gets out there. Which is all right because when a movie does that to you, you never really forget it.

Mason, Adam (Blood River)

I love it when this happens; an indie director drops us a line with details about his new movie, and it sounds interesting enough for me to warrant a viewing. Said films shows up, impresses me enough to give it a good review, and I pay attention to what the director is on to next. In the case of

Mason, Adam (The Devil's Chair)

Rarely do I watch movies that immediately grab my att