The Crazies (Remake)

Meet Some of The Crazies

Some really ... really ... interesting character posters for Overture Films' upcoming remake of The Crazies have shown up online, and they depict some residents that are more than a little eager to say hello!

A Forkin' Cool New Crazies One-Sheet

Another new one-sheet has debuted for the Romero inspired remake of The Crazies today courtesy of the good folks at Overture Films, and it has one hell of a point to make. Four to be exact!

New Crazies Stills to Color Your World Violently

In preparation for the upcoming release of the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment, Breck Eisner's The Crazies, two new stills showed up online today in all manner of eye-popping color.

New Trailer: The Crazies

A new look at the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment has slipped online just in time for the weekend. Looking for a getaway from all the crazies out shopping for Christmas? Then watch this. It's much safer and far less annoying.

The Crazies Go Viral

Viral marketing done right can feel like an extra added layer of goodness on top of a project we're all excited about. When done poorly, however, it feels like shills shoving crap down your throat that you have no interest in whatsoever. With the release of The Crazies remake rapidly approaching, two new viral sites have been set up to lure the fans in.

Radha Mitchell Shows Her Crazy Side

Breck Eisner's remake of The Crazies is heading to theatres on February 26, 2010, so we can start expecting stills, clips, and more to start leaking out from Overture Films over the next few months. Already one new photo has hit the Net, and it's looking pretty damn crazy!

The Crazies Trailer Debuts

Time to get crazy for a trailer! Over on Apple the trailer for Breck Eisner's remake of the George A. Romero classic The Crazies has just hit, and it's looking pretty good!

New Teaser Poster for The Crazies Remake

Overture Films released the second teaser poster for its remake of the Romero classic The Crazies today, and it's pretty badass. Even better, a select few (including some DC staffers) have already seen test versions of the flick, and the early word has come back positive. That being said ... get ready for a wicked bit of teaser art!

Exclusive: Rob Hall Talks Effects on Remake of The Crazies

So, yesterday Dread Central gave all you fiends an extensive look at the synopsis for Breck Eisner's upcoming remake of The Crazies. We thought it only fitting to offer up a glimpse of what kind of effects and gore you can expect from the flick.

Extensive Synopsis for The Crazies Remake

Overture Films released one of the single most in-depth synopses for their remake of the Romero classic The Crazies that we've ever seen. Pull up a chair and give it a read!

First Footage from The Crazies Remake

While we all wait eagerly for the February 26, 2010 release date of Breck Eisner's remake of the Romero classic The Crazies to arrive, MTV got themselves some exclusive footage from the set!

Crazies Twitter Tease

Are you following The Crazies on Twitter yet? Well you should be because they've been talking quite a bit about the shoot, but today they let a picture do their talking for them!

The Crazies Gets Pushed to 2010

If, like most of us here at Dread Central, you've been looking forward to The Crazies reboot, unfortunately we're all going to have to wait a little longer than original anticipated.

Set Visit: The Crazies

It's a quiet Midwest town like any other. Every inhabitant knows the business of everyone else, and most have known each other all their lives. Now something has come. The 2nd grade school teacher stops in mid-sentence and eyes up the flagpole, thinking it a good idea to impale his students on it.

First Image from The Crazies

Overture Films has released the very first image from Breck Eisner's remake of the George Romero classic The Crazies, and we have it for you hot and fresh out of the old loony bin!