The Colony

Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Zegers to Beat off Cannibals in The Colony

You know, if this were a porn related site, that headline would have an entirely different meaning, and we would probably still lay down cold hard cash to see it. In any event...

Patrick Tatopoulos to Bug Out with The Colony

If there's one thing that special effects maestro, creature creator, and director Patrick Tatopoulos knows, it's monsters. Thankfully the man's got another one of the way that's sure to send some "keep that friggin' thing away from me" type shivers up your spine.

Indie Filmmakers Channel That Coveted 80s Vibe

One thing greatly missing from modern genre filmmaking is kid-friendly horror. I’m not talking about PG-13 mall-horror, but films geared toward younger audiences that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. We had The Gate and The Monster Squad in the 80s. What do today’s kids have?

Orphan Writer Set to Bug-Out with The Colony

Since I live a life of (mostly) full disclosure, let me tell you a couple of things about your old Uncle Creepy. I have three irrational fears -- heights, nuns (they friggin' float, man), and bugs. Of those three insects make my skin crawl like you would not believe, which is why I'm both dreading and looking forward to Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson's latest project.

Participant Unleashes The Colony

It annoys the shit out of me when a film is announced in the trades but nothing’s said about what it actually will be about. Take the story on The Colony in this morning’s Variety; a long list of genre names is attached to it, but all we know is that it’s an eco-horror tale.