The Collector

Exclusive: Fright Dome and Fortress Features Bringing The Collector to Las Vegas!

Our enthusiasm for the upcoming Halloween haunt season just spiked a bit more with the announcement that director Marcus Dunstan and Fortress Features have teamed with Las Vegas' Fright Dome to deliver attractions based on Dunstan's grisly flicks The Collector and The Collection.

UK DVD Joins The Collection Next Week

Picking up right where the original The Collector left off, writer/director Marcus Dunstan and scribe Patrick Melton up the game with The Collection. Now UK audiences can witness the chaos at home as eOne brings this gallery of death to DVD on April 29th.

Collection, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Lee Tergesen, Christopher McDonald, Randall Archer Directed by Marcus Dunstan

Exclusive - Go Behind the Scenes of The Collection

There's nothing like a little blood and gore to get the old juices flowing... and that's exactly what's in store for you when it comes to this latest behind-the-scenes clip from The Collection. Look for it on Blu-ray, VOD, and DVD next Tuesday, March 26th.

Bring The Collection Home in March

One of the goriest and most fun flicks of last year, The Collection, is on its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and believe us when we tell you this is one horror flick that completely deserves its spot in your collection! See what we did there? Witty, eh?

Exclusive Chat with The Collection Co-Stars Josh Stewart and Emma Fitzpatrick

Today Marcus Dunstan's latest directorial offering, The Collection, hits select theaters nationwide, and in anticipation of the sequel's release, Dread Central recently caught up with the flick's co-stars Josh Stewart and Emma Fitzpatrick.

The Collection - Soundbites and Behind-the-Scenes Images

On tap for you right now is a collection of soundbites and behind-the-scenes videos to get you geared up for this weekend's slaughter-fest, The Collection, so sit back, turn up the sound, and dig straight in.

Dig on the Opening Minutes of The Collection

Who's ready for some good old fashioned red stuff? That should be the majority of you. The opening sequence of The Collection has premiered online and we have your hot ticket to dig on the goods right here.

Exclusive Interview with the Masterminds Behind The Collection - Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton

Interviews are funny things; they often start off one way and then go off into completely unintended territories. Case in point: our latest chat with filmmakers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the twisted minds behind The Collection, which arrives in theaters everywhere this Friday, 11/30.

Get Your Hands on One Hell of a Collection Prize Pack!

Everyone likes free swag, and with the release of The Collection speeding at us like a bullet, we've got everything you need to get yourself prepped for the forthcoming theatrical bloodbath! Read on for details.

Gather Up These Exclusive New Stills from The Collection

Here to mark the official kick-off of the long Thanksgiving weekend, we have a few exclusive new stills from The Collection, which is hitting theaters in just a few days on November 30th.

The Collection - New Featurette and Facebook App Get Bloody!

Okay, kids, time to get a bit ghoulish. On tap for you right now in celebration of the upcoming release of The Collection are a not safe for work featurette called "The Gore Factor" and a fun way to dismember your friends on Facebook!

A Collection of Stills from Marcus Dunstan's The Collection

A couple of new stills crossed our path for The Collection, which is coming our way soon from Marcus Dunstan. The film, which hits theatres on November 30th, promises nonstop thrills at every turn. Adding these to the clip we saw the other day, we're keeping our hopes up for this one.

Get Victimized by the First Clip from The Collection

The Collection's November 30th release date is starting to sneak up on us, and now the first clip from the flick has been released. Check it out, and look for lots more soon!

New York Comic Con 2012: The Collection Clip Description

Nomad has written in with yet another description of some of the eye candy that was shown at this year's New York Comic Con. Read on to see what was on tap for the sequel to The Collector, Marcus Dunstan's The Collection.