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We’ve been keeping you in the loop regarding the latest film from Waz (review) director Tom Shankland, The Children, and it seems our diligence has paid off!

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Just the other day we pointed out the first tease for Tom Shankland’s follow-up to Waz, the killer kid flick The Children. Now the updates are coming fast and loose, and there’s even more to tell you guys about!

Children, The

 Year  Country
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: UK
  •  Run Time   MPAA Rating
     Category  Color
  • Category: Feature
  • Color type: Color
  •  Director
  • Director: Tom Shankland
  •  Writer(s)
     Sub Genre
  • Sub Genre: Vacation
  •  Keywords
  • Themes: Children
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    Plot Synopsis:

    A relaxing Christmas vacation turns into a terrifying fight for survival as the children begin to turn on their parents.

  • Children, The (Fantasia 2009)
  • Children, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

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  • Shankland, Tom (The Children)

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    Shankland's Day Turns to Children, First Trailer

    A while back we gave you guys the first word on The Day, Tom Shankland’s follow-up to Waz (released here by Dimension Extreme as The Killing Gene). Well, in the time since that announcement was made a lot has happened with the new film, so let's catch up, shall we?

    Waz Director Enters The Day

    I’ve not seen the horror film Waz yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it over the last year or so. Dimension has its hands on it and is hopefully making a plan for its release as we speak.

    Shankland, Tom (The Children)

    Most people go on vacation to relax. It seems writer/director Tom Shankland went on vacation only to find inspiration for his next horror project. After all, it was while on a holiday wi