The Caretaker

Aussie Vampire Flick The Caretaker Bares its Fangs

Fear not, fans of horrific vampires; help is on the way! Unfortunately, your favorite beasties have kind of been hijacked by Twilight, and even the vamps in "True Blood" seem to be spending more time grabassing with Sookie than actually draining victims. Outside of Stake Land we've had a serious drought of quality bloodsuckers. However, word we've received from DC reader and super tipster Avery G is that Australia has a pretty kick-ass vampire film on the way in The Caretaker.

Caretaker, The (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Andrew St. John, Kira Verrastro, James Immekus, Jennifer Freeman, Jonathan Breck, Jennifer Tilly, Judd Nelson Directed by Bryce Olson You got to love the marketing department at MTI Video for the bold proclamation they stuck on that back of the DVD:

DVD Releases: Feb. 23, 2010: Leave The Caretaker in The Box Along Sorority Row

Well, we've gone from the famine of last week to a veritable feast of DVD and Blu-ray offerings on home video this week. There's definitely something for everyone: Nazi zombies in Dead Snow, freaks galore in The Vampire's Assistant, beautiful people getting hacked and slashed in Sorority Row, and buttons being pushed in The Box.

The Caretaker Takin' Care of the Killin' Teens Business

Every good slasher needs a hook - sometimes literally (i.e., I Know What You Did Last Summer). It's all about the look, the location, and/or the weapon of choice. The Caretaker killer is... Well, the title tells you his occupation. He appears to have a unique harvesting tool as his designated instrument of death.