The Brotherhood V: Alumni

Foycast X - The 10 Worst DVD Horror Movies of 2010

This weekend the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out the Oscars for best movies of 2010 and the Razzies hand out their awards for the worst movies of 2010. But first, I have my own belated movie awards to dish out: the annual tradition of taking one last jab at the worst direct-to-DVD horror movies of 2010. The pain... The pain...

Brotherhood V, The (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Maria Aceves, Preston Davis, Lindsey Landers, Nathan Parsons Directed by David DeCoteau

DVD Releases: Feb. 9, 2010: Listen to the Dead Tone of Shock Festival in Dante's Inferno

A couple of flicks we've been talking about for quite some time are finally hitting store shelves this week including the animated Dante's Inferno, the long-awaited Dead Tone (formerly known as 7eventy 5ive) from directors Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor, and the three-disc exploitation extravaganza known as Shock Festival from Stephen Romano (with a couple of commentaries from our own Uncle Creepy).

The Brotherhood V: Alumni Dropping onto DVD in February

E1 Entertainment just sent out a list of its upcoming DVD releases for early February, 2010, and front and center on it is cult director David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood V: Alumni. As the tagline says, "The Brotherhood returns, and this time revenge will be sweet!"