The Awakening

More Casting News for ABC's The River and The CW's Awakening

And the pilot casting news continues at a fast and furious pace as lots of talent is lining up to become the latest bits of fresh meat on horror television's future.

Skeptic Has a Ghostly Rude Awakening for the BBC

There are just as many folks out there looking to disprove the existence of ghosts as there are those who are trying to prove they exist. Yet, what if said debunkers ran across a case that changed their minds? That's the premise for the latest spooker looking to haunt our friends across the pond in The Awakening.

Early Sales Art: The Awakening

Even though shooting doesn't officially begin until June, some early sales art for Nick Murphy's supernatural thriller The Awakening has surfaced at Cannes, and we've got a quick look for you!

It's Time for StudioCanal's Awakening

More things are getting set to go bump in the night as a new modern ghost story is under way courtesy of the good folks over at StudioCanal. According to Screen Daily celebrated UK TV director Nick Murphy is making his feature film debut with the supernatural thriller The Awakening.