The Asylum

Hansel & Gretel Enter Dee Wallace's House of Horrors

We’re used to seeing Dee Wallace as the heroine being terrorized in a myriad of horror films. A new take on the classic fairy tale Hansel & Gretel will let her do the terrorizing for a change, and she may have worse things is store for the brother and sister besides cannibalism.

#HoldYourBreath - The Asylum Wants to Kill YOU!

While they've already been killing one of our reviewers, The Foywonder, for years now, we have to admit The Asylum has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of the quality of their flicks. With the October 5th theatrical release of #HoldYourBreath looming they're now turning their attention to you!

You Won't Need to #HoldYourBreath Any Longer to See the Trailer for The Asylum's First Theatrical Release

With its October 5th theatrical date just a few weeks away, The Asylum has finally exhaled the trailer for #HoldYourBreath, its first foray into big screen moviemaking, starring Katrina Bowden of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil...

#HoldYourBreath Artwork Appears; Plus More Asylum Madness to Come

The Asylum has yet to officially release any materials for their its first ever theatrical release, the supernatural horror slasher entitled #HoldYourBreath, but a photo of the artwork just appeared out of thin air on Facebook.

San Diego's Save Our Heritage Organisation Pursuing Action Against The Asylum for The Haunting of Whaley House

As someone who lives in San Diego, I've been curious about the reaction of the real Whaley House toward The Asylum's recently released The Haunting of Whaley House, and let's just say it's not good.

The Spawn of Satan Will be Born on 12-12-12 and We Have His Exclusive First Baby Photos

After last year’s numerical doomsday 11-11-11 but before 2012’s December 21st Mayan-pocalypse lurks another sinister date: 12-12-12. If it wasn’t a sinister date before it sure is now thanks to a new Omen-esque horror flick titled after the date on which its hellspawn will be born.

Syfy and The Asylum Join Forces to Show Discovery Channel How Shark Week Should Really Be Done

Next week Discovery Channel begins its annual salute to nature’s perfect predators, but the festivities really begin on Syfy this Saturday night when an Asylum movie entitled Shark Week has its world premiere.

Director Jose Prendes Talks The Haunting of Whaley House Release

With The Asylum’s feature The Haunting of Whaley House having released to DVD, Blu-ray, Redbox and Netflix today, we thought it time to chat with director Jose Prendes regarding his film. Read on!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive Promo Art - The Asylum's Dead Walking, Shark Week, and Bigfoot

You've gotta love The Asylum! First they make a mockbuster of an entire week's worth of programming with Shark Week, and now they're giving the same treatment to one of television's biggest shows, "The Walking Dead," with Dead Walking!

The Asylum's #HoldYourBreath Slated For Theatrical Release

I absolutely love this story! We've told you about The Asylum's #HoldYourBreath (formerly Don't Hold Your Breath) in the past, and now it seems like the fine purveyors of mockbuster cinema have gone and done it: They're taking the multiplexes by storm!

A Trailer Has Arrived for Syfy's Bigfoot with 1970's Heartthrobs Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

If you're anything like us, we know what you'll be doing on Saturday night, June 30th: watching Syfy's upcoming Bigfoot of course! And now we have our first look at the trailer for this Syfy Original Movie in which a DJ and a conservationist team up to fight against the deadly Bigfoot.

Patrick Bergin and Yancy Butler Chumming the Waters for The Asylum's Shark Week

You really have got to hand it to The Asylum. Not content to just do mockbusters of big screen movies, now they’re mockbustering an entire week of programming on a cable television network with Shark Week.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

Starring Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Baby Norman, Jason Vail, Ronald Ogden, Don McGraw, Canon Kuipers Written and directed by Richard Schenkman