The Asylum

Attila (2013)

Starring Cheick Kongo, Chris Conrad, Mikayla S. Campbell, M. Steven Felty, Philip Andrew Botello, Xin Directed by Emmanuel Itier

Artwork and Trailer for The Asylum's 13/13/13

This past summer the Foywonder shared the news that The Asylum was bringing us 13/13/13, and since it's now available on Blu-ray/DVD, we thought we'd show you the flick's artwork and trailer.

AFM 2013: Official Sales Artwork for Sharknado 2 Rips Through the Internet

The Sharknado juggernaut is carving out a path of destruction at this year's AFM, and we have the first good look at the artwork for Sharknado 2: The Second One RIGHT HERE!

Most Awesome Trailer You'll See Today: Syfy's Beast of the Bering Sea

Okay, so maybe it's not THE most awesome thing you'll see this Halloween, but the final few seconds of this teaser trailer for Syfy's Beast of the Bering Sea are pretty spectacular. Check it out, and you'll see what we mean.

A Teaser Trailer Arrives for Syfy's Zombie Night

Zombie Night, directed by John Gulager and starring Daryl Hannah, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Ruck, and Shirley Jones, premieres on Syfy October 26th at 9/8 Central as part of the network's “31 Days of Halloween.” We have a teaser trailer for the film to share.

The Asylum Unleashes The Trailer for Attila

Explosions! CGI effects work! Celebrities! A muscle-bound mummy looking to wreak havoc everywhere his feet happen to fall! Yes! It's another flick from The Asylum, and right now we have the official trailer for you for Attila! That's right, the friggin' hun!

Artwork Premiere for John Gulager's Zombie Night

On tap right now is the official artwork for the next film from John Gulager, Zombie Night, starring Daryl Hannah, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Ruck, and “Mrs. Partridge” herself, Shirley Jones.

Zombies to Feast on Daryl Hannah and Anthony Michael Hall in The Asylum's Zombie Night

Where do you go after the lunacy that was Piranha 3DD? You go to The Asylum. That’s where John Gulager ended up to helm their latest zombie flick, Zombie Night, starring the likes of Daryl Hannah, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Ruck, and “Mrs. Partridge” herself, Shirley Jones.

Sharknado Returns to Fan-Chosen Theaters on September 2nd!

Though it's been well over a month since the film premiered on Syfy and took the nation by storm, Sharknado fever is showing no signs of slowing down, and the shark-infested tornado is once again headed back to the big screen. But where it plays is all up to YOU!

Exclusive Trailer Premiere - Bell Witch Haunting

Alrighty, kids! Time to add some chills to your Monday morning as on tap right now we have the exclusive trailer premiere for The Asylum's latest spooky endeavor, The Bell Witch Haunting. Check it out!

First Official News: Sharknado 2: The Second One Coming July 2014

And the Sharknado juggernaut continues as Syfy and The Asylum have just officially announced Sharknado 2: The Second One. Go ahead... read on for details... you know you want to. It's okay, really!

Sharknado Mania Continues as Merch Line Heads to Stores

And the Sharknado juggernaut continues as Syfy, The Asylum, and Earthbound announce a Sharknado merchandising program that includes t-shirts, bags, posters, accessories, costumes, gaming, and more!

Sharknado Hits Viewership Highs in Third Airing

I'm not sure what it is about Sharknado, but we can't get enough of it. And neither, apparently, can the rest of America! Check out these stats from its third airing on Syfy.

Sharknado Goes Theatrical!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theatre... in an unprecedented move by the Syfy Channel, the madness of their surprise juggernaut hit Sharknado is going theatrical. Yes, you read that right. Somewhere out there right now... angels are high-fiving!