Texas Frightmakers

Texas Frightmakers: A Chat with Brian Davis of Grave Tone Productions

At Texas Frightmare Weekend I came across Grave Tone Productions' booth and had a chat with main man Brian Davis. Grave Tone's horror and metal music combination intrigued me. I learned Davis and his partner in mayhem have a lot of irons in the fire, and we discussed them all.

Texas Frightmakers: Q&A with Producer Allen Reed

This month we talk to Texas Frightmaker Allen Reed from Subamerican Productions, a Texas-based pair of filmmakers who have just completed The Merchant, their first feature-length film, which was shot entirely in Texas using local talent. I sat down with Reed to discuss his work as an independent Texas producer of horror films.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Roxy Vandiver

We're running a bit late, but in honor of Indie Horror Month our March Texas Frightmaker is someone deeply embedded in the indie horror scene, scream queen Roxy Vandiver. In a short time Roxy has established a reputation as one of the next generation of gorgeous screamers in films like Sweatshop, Spirit Camp, and Killer School Girls from Outer Space.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Loyd Cryer

I was inspired to do this series of monthly interviews while attending last year's Texas Frightmare Weekend convention. They had a series of panels called "Texas Frightmakers", and I lifted the title as it seemed like a fantastic idea. As such, it's only right to interview the founder and bossman behind the con, Loyd Cryer.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Matthan Harris

Texas is a strange, strange place. Most horror fans think about chainsaws when you say the name Texas around them, and that's not a huge stretch from the truth. Bigger than many nations, Texas contains every variety of landscape and community found elsewhere in the US. It also contains no small amount of weirdness and weirdos. Inspired by the Texas Frightmakers panels at last year's Texas Frightmare Weekend as well as my love for my adopted home, I'm proud to introduce a series of monthly interviews called Texas Frightmakers.