Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D - See the Leatherface We Should Have Gotten

Love it or hate it, Texas Chainsaw 3D made an impact on genre fans. That being said, the one thing nearly everyone can agree upon is the fact that for a majority of the movie Leatherface's mask is easily the worst of the franchise. Get ready for a peek at what could have been.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Infographic Is Buzzing with Victims

Infographics chronicling the exploits of our favorite movies, kills, and characters have become all the rage lately, and with the box office success (or failure, depending on which week you're looking at) of Texas Chainsaw 3D (review), it's time to take a look at the saw's tally.

Box Office: A Haunted House Opens Big, Texas Chainsaw 3D Runs Out of Gas

The box office weekend may have belonged to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden; but dick, fart, and pot jokes helped the Paranormal Activity spoof A Haunted House open big in second place.

The Texas Big Mouth Massacre - Texas Chainsaw 3D Sequel Talk Premature

Texas Chainsaw 3D is a strange animal. Everything about the flick is wonky and weird, and we guess in some way that's kind of appropriate. In any event don't get too revved up about a sequel yet, kids, as there's more to the saw. No idea what that "more to the saw" means, but it sounded cool.

It's Official - Look for Another Chapter of Texas Chainsaw from Millennium Films

In an announcement that surprised no one given Texas Chainsaw 3D's number one spot at the box office last weekend, Millennium Films is moving ahead with Texas Chainsaw 4, and production will begin later this year in Louisiana.

Leatherface Chainsaws His Way to the Top of the Box Office

There’s still life in the ol’ chainsaw after all. The latest Leatherface reboot/sequel, Texas Chainsaw 3D, revved up the new year, taking the top spot and all but assuring many more sequels/reboots/prequels/reimaginings to come. I guess 20 really is the new 40.

Lionsgate Will Be Keeping Texas Chainsaw Revving

Things are looking really good for Leatherface and the Sawyer clan! While we're waiting for the official box office tally to come in, news has hit the net that if this one is successful, the producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D have acquired the rights to make up to 7 films, including this one!

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Leatherface King of the Friday Box Office

Not sure why this makes us so happy, given the fact that the movie is blissfully bad and inept, but dammit, it does! Texas Chainsaw 3D cut down the box office competition on its opening day, beating Django Unchained, The Hobbit, and Les Miserables by raking in $10.2 million on Friday!

The Verdict Is In! Read Our Texas Chainsaw 3D Review!

Zero hour is upon us. Leatherface is once again stalking your local cinema in all three dimensions. Read on to find out if this Texas Chainsaw massacre is full of tasty grue or just another bloody mess.

Texas Chainsaw - Video Soundbites and Exclusive Look at the Special 3D Glasses Given out for Tonight's Screenings Only!

Going to one of the special 10:00 pm or 12:00 midnight screenings of Texas Chainsaw 3D tonight? If the answer is an emphatic yes, then you'll be getting yourself a pair of commemorative 3D glasses to mark the premiere!

Exclusive: Director John Luessenhop Talks Leatherface's Legacy and More for Texas Chainsaw 3D

In Texas Chainsaw 3D filmmaker John Luessenhop is picking up directly where Tobe Hooper left off almost 40 years ago with a sequel that follows the ramifications of what happened right after Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) survived her visit to the Sawyer Farm.

Exclusive: Leatherface Talks! Dread Central Chats with Dan Yeager for Texas Chainsaw 3D

This Friday, January 4th, Texas Chainsaw 3D is set to tear apart audiences everywhere courtesy of Lionsgate. The direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's original 1974 classic reunites many franchise vets and newcomers, including the newest chainsaw-wielding maniac of cinema, Dan Yeager.

Yet More Texas Chainsaw 3D Imagery: Leatherface Visits a Local Carnival!

Opening this Friday is Texas Chainsaw 3D, and Entertainment Weekly has scored two new images of the big bad himself as he prepares to stalk the local carnival. Check them out right here, and look for interviews and our review all week.

Exclusive: Co-Star Scott Eastwood Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D

For the second installment in our Texas Chainsaw 3D interview series, Dread Central briefly chatted with one of the film's co-stars and newcomer to the genre world, Scott Eastwood.