Texas Chainsaw 3D

New Texas Chainsaw to Explore Leatherface's Teenage Years?

File this one under "Wow, Really?!?" Some quick and pretty damned strange news has come in regarding the next installment in the Texas Chainsaw franchise as it's looking like we're getting another prequel. A prequel to the tenth power even.

Sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D Being Actively Developed

It wasn't long after the release of Texas Chainsaw 3D (UNRATED Blu-ray/DVD review jere) that rumors begin swirling around the internet about a possible sequel, though it seemed that a series of unfortunate events derailed those plans.

Own Your Own Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw 3D

There's been a long line of Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed collectibles, and for the collector who has to have EVERYTHING, you can now nab yourself a quarter scale collectible of Leatherface as he appeared in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

15 Nauseating Horror Sequels

The flavor of bile is unmistakable. There just isn’t anything that tastes quite like it. And you know it when it comes on: The belly rumbles, the esophagus lurches within, and you battle back the slimy liquid that threatens to spew forth from your lips.

Dread Central's Best and Worst of 2013

Another year has come to an end, which means it's time for the Dread Central staff to weigh in with their picks of the best and worst of 2013's horror offerings. We're giving you a full dozen lists this time, and per usual they come in a variety of formats, each reflecting the unique styles of our writers.

Texas Chainsaw - Read the UNRATED and Blu-ray / DVD Review

Alrighty, kids! If you think the saw is indeed family, this one is for you! We weeded our way through both the only available on iTunes unrated version of Texas Chainsaw along with the official Blu-ray package and have our findings right here for your perusal.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Tremaine "Trey Songz" Neverson, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Scott Ea

An Exclusive Blu-ray Clip from Texas Chainsaw

In just a few days an unrated version of Texas Chainsaw will be available via digital download, and then a couple of weeks after that the flick is hitting DVD and Blu-ray in R-rated editions only. Weird, we know, but to get you geared up, we have an exclusive clip for you!

Texas Chainsaw UNRATED Only Available as a Digital Download

Well, here's a real kick in the pants. Fans of Texas Chainsaw 3D are bound to be seething with lots of online angst at this latest news story. If you want to see Texas Chainsaw 3D unrated, you're gonna have to settle for Digital Download ONLY.

Home Video Trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D Revs Up

One of the most ludicrous films of the year, Texas Chainsaw 3D, is getting ready to carve itself a niche into your home video collection; and we have the Blu-ray and DVD info that will have you screaming, "Do your thing, cuz!"

Texas Chainsaw 3D Tears into Blu-ray and DVD

One of the most ludicrous films of the year, Texas Chainsaw 3D, is getting ready to carve itself a niche into your home video collection; and we have all the details you need to see if you'll be screaming, "Do your thing, cuz!"

Dinner for Fiends - Pretty Damn Good Horror Podcast

At the outset of this edition of Dinner for Fiends, I joked that I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty damn good horror podcast. You can decide whether or not that’s the case, but let me assure you the recording of this edition was a living nightmare.

Connecticut Residents, Meet the New Leatherface, Dan Yeager, on Sunday, January 27

If you dug the new Texas Chainsaw 3D film, or even if you didn't and just like meeting horror celebrities, we've got some news for you. Dan Yeager, the man behind the newest reimagining of Leatherface, will be signing autographs this Sunday in Connecticut.

Mama is the Queen of the Martin Luther King Day Box Office

As the country prepares to remember the man who had a dream, moviegoers were more interested in nightmares. It may be the Martin Luther King Day weekend, but the four-day holiday box office belongs to a queen, and her name is Mama.

Texas Chainsaw 3D - See the Leatherface We Should Have Gotten

Love it or hate it, Texas Chainsaw 3D made an impact on genre fans. That being said, the one thing nearly everyone can agree upon is the fact that for a majority of the movie Leatherface's mask is easily the worst of the franchise. Get ready for a peek at what could have been.