Tetsuya Nakashima

Awesome Commercial Teases Live-Action Attack on Titan Film

Set for release in 2015 is a live-action feature film based on Araki Tetsuro's anime series Attack on Titan, which is all about something we love here on Dread Central: man-eating giants!

Live Action Attack on Titan Feature Finds Director

It was almost a year ago to the day when Foywonder first turned us on to the weirdness of Araki Tetsuro's anime series Attack on Titan. Here's the thing: You can put man-eating giants in anything, and we're pretty much guaranteed to watch it, and now that a live action version is on its way? JOY!

See Man-eating Giants Attack on Titan in this First Trailer

We’ve become accustomed to movies and TV shows about post-apocalyptic survivors huddled in locations fortified to keep out whatever undead, mutant, or extraterrestrial threat there is. In "Attack on Titan" the threat comes in the form of giants… man-eating giants!