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Don Coscarelli Continues Teasing New Project - Could This Be Phantasm 5?

Just yesterday we reported that Don Coscarelli has joined the Twitterverse and has been teasing a new project. Well, the man has not stopped, and today more has come direct from the horse's mouth regarding just what this new film could be.

Don Coscarelli Teasing New Project

Legendary filmmaker Don Coscarelli has joined the wonderful world of Twitter, and he brings with him a whole lot of teasing about an undisclosed project. Curious? We are!

More on Rob Zombie's Next Film Project

That's right, kids. A quick update on just what Zombie's big movie announcement is and when he'll be making it has come our way, and we figured we'd share.

Rob Zombie Teases Movie Announcement!

Rob Zombie is an enigma. Say what you want about his movies, the guy does things his way and that's to be applauded. Now that his tour in support of his latest album is wrapping up, the rock star turned director is once again setting his sights on film.