FrightFest 2011: Full Glasgow Film Festival FrightFest Weekend Lineup Announced

As mentioned in another story today that debuted some early images from the horror anthology Little Deaths, the Film 4 FrightFest Weekend as part of the Glasgow Film Festival is upon us, and we've got the full lineup of films our friends in the UK get to feast upon on Friday, Feb. 25th, and Saturday, Feb. 26th.

AFM 2010: First Images from New French Import - Territories

More horror goodness coming out of the land of love and fine wine (which sort of makes up for the chicks who don't use deordorant or shave under their arms). Know your boundaries and get ready for your first look at Territories. The film is directed by Olivier Abbou and produced by the same loonies who brought us The Horde. Check out the images and the plot crunch below.